Almond Milk Horchata and Green Tea Smoothie

almond milk horchata and green tea smoothie recipe

During summer Horchata is one of my favorite drinks to keep in my fridge.  Always mixing and twisting and trying to come up with new flavors or use it in a different way.  One of my favorite Horchata’s I ever made is the Chai Horchata.  I used it making brown rice and almonds.  It is deeeelish.  You wouldn’t think about chai for a summer flavoring but you would be wrong.

Suddenly almond milk became super popular and of course cashew fans got jealous so now there is a cashew milk.  I haven’t tried the cashew milk myself and I try to stay away from people that want to talk about cashew milk, so I don’t have an opinion.  I mean, I have an opinion but it’s surely not valid and based just on my biased opinion.  When I had my carton of almond milk in the fridge, it dawned on me about the horchata I made with the almonds and chai.  I took some of my almond milk and ground up some brown rice.  I love using brown rice.  I love the nutty earthy flavor it gives to the almond milk for the horchata.  Going further, using it to make the smoothie is a great addition as well.

Currently all the rage is “Clean Eating”.  I thought clean eating was washing your food before you ate it.  I’m not a fruit washer or vegetable washer.  I probably shouldn’t admit that, but it’s true.  I am slowly turning this around as my assistant Gilberto insisted on washing the cherries that I’ve been eating.  The water ran black.  It kinda grossed me out and convinced me that they should probably be washed.  I think this sounds more credible as clean eating than the real clean eating movement.  What does that even mean?

I ground brown rice with the almond milk and let it sit overnight.  The next day I strained the rice out of the almond milk and I was good to go for the smoothie.  I keep bananas in my freezer at all times.  One, they are awesome in smoothies because they keep the smoothie cold without using ice.  Chunks of ice in a smoothie are a pet peeve of mine.  Number two, keeping bananas in your freezer is great for when you feel like making banana bread.  Which is often for me.  Three, frozen bananas make for a great summer treat when it’s blazing hot outside.  I used green tea powder for the smoothie to keep with the whole clean eating movement.  If you want to make it more satisfying, you could use Green Tea and Brown Rice Ice Cream.  It will give your smoothie a richer consistency.  More like a shake of course.

I think smoothies are just whatever you like blended and poured into a cup.  There really are no limits.  Just now I had the thought to had a tablespoon of almond butter into the smoothie.  Huh?  How about that?  See.  It’s all trial and error.

Let me know how things work for you and other flavors you tried.

“Let your focus be so intense, people think you’re crazy”


Green Tea and Banana Smoothie

220g     Almond Milk
100g     Brown Rice

-Pulse a couple times in a blender to crush up the brown rice
-Set over night in the fridge, strain in the morning

For the Smoothie

3                  Frozen Bananas
1 1/2c         Brown Rice Almond Milk
1Tbsp         Honey
1Tbsp         Green Tea Powder

-Blend until nice and smooth
-Pour into your cup (I dusted mine with cinnamon, which is a great touch!)




almond milk horchata and green tea smoothie recipe almond milk horchata and green tea smoothie recipe almond milk horchata and green tea smoothie recipe


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