What are you practicing? — July’s Sanity Bank

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I apologized a couple weeks back for my laziness and not having any fascinating posts as usual.  I also told you there was an explanation and I would fill you in.  Then I thought, maybe I shouldn’t fill you in because like you I hate excuses as much as the next guy.  Also like you I hate complainers.  Who wants to hear a complainer?  

But like most complainers I am going to complain anyway in hopes that you can learn from my misery.  I was in a bad place and all stressed out for a large part of June.  So much so that I was out of my realm.  I couldn’t write, I couldn’t focus, I was exhausted, I thought I had the flu.  I was destroyed.  The stress and tension was bad.  Real bad.  The headaches alone were enough to cripple me.  I went on vacation and I felt like a million bucks.  When I returned home and went back to my first day of work.  Headaches returned worse than they were before I went on vacation.  Less than a week after I had returned I woke up on Friday with a headache that made me wish I hadn’t woken up at all.  I laid in bed and listened to some guided meditations that had worked in the past.  They weren’t working anymore.  As I laid in bed I was remembering a quote from Osho.  Who happens to be one of my favorite spiritual teachers and I think his books are a must read.  I was thinking of this quote:

“If you suffer it is because of you, if you feel blissful it is because of you.  Nobody else is responsible – only you and you alone.  You are your hell and your heaven too.” – Osho


As this quote was running through my mind I felt my headache ease more and more as I thought about being my own little piece of heaven and being happy.  I was feeling so good and the headache was slowly going away as I sat up in my bed and claimed out loud “Fuck this!  I wanna be happy!”  It felt as though the hands that were squeezing my brain had let go.  The headache instantly dissolved.

This helped me so tremendously that I thought it was worth using it for our Sanity Deposits.

Ever since I was a kid I’ve loved quotes.  It seems now more than ever that there are all these positive quotes, love quotes and success quotes everywhere.  Yet, we are sadder, more unemployed and more hateful than ever.  So what happened?  We have the knowledge, we know right from wrong.  We read these quotes and say “Oh, that’s so true” and then go about our day.  These quotes that are so true.  Are we putting them into practice?  Clearly, we are not.  That’s why I thought it would be good for our Sanity Bank if we put these quotes that speak so deeply to our souls that we actually put them into practice.

Whatever quote speaks to you we will Deposit into our Sanity Bank and start putting it into our daily lives.

I can tell you from experience it helped me.  A lot.  I say we need to practice this because like everything else.  It will not come easy.  We must practice this daily.  There may even come a time, just like medication, that we become immune to the quote.  We might find that it’s not doing anything for us anymore or you may find another that speaks to you. That’s fine.  Take your new quote or find a new one and start practicing.  I personally like to write my quote on my bathroom mirror.  The one place, that happens to be the first place myself and all of us go to first thing when we wake up.  It’s there, I see it through out my morning routine and it’s the last thing I see before I go to bed.

What are you practicing?  Whether for stress, your career, love, life, happiness, family or humanity.  It’s great we read these quotes.  Post them all over our offices or our homes.  More importantly, we need to put them in our hearts, carry them with us and live them.

Wishing you the best there is.



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