Tell a Truth — June Deposits for our Sanity Bank

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I recently read the book “Live your Truth.” One thing that stuck out to me was when the author, Kamal Ravikant said when you get stuck. Tell a truth. I thought this was beautiful. It is so free and liberating. It feels like the weight of the world off your shoulders. This advice reminded me of a wonderful woman, Melissa Bradley.

My first job out of culinary school was in Nashville Tennessee. What a great city, by the way. The place I was working for had all these little perks and sign up things for the employees. There was a woman named Melissa Bradley who had a writers group. Melissa was the most wonderful, open, honest, genuine, loving and caring person. When you looked at her and spoke to her you felt comfortable and safe and wanted to tell her everything. I will never forget her and vow to one day return to Nashville to reconnect with her.

During her writing classes I feel I found my voice and confidence as a writer and a person. I was always quiet and shy growing up and not good at meeting new people. I come across as quite the weirdo, let me tell ya. Melissa is so beautiful at being a teacher that through the writing class she was actually teaching us about ourselves. Maybe that’s what good writers are to learn? Maybe that’s what good teachers do? I guess I am still learning.

One evening after class I stayed after to talk to Melissa. I was having a tough time writing and not sure what to write about. I was still young, only 23 and really fresh to writing and life. Melissa told me to write down what I believed. It could be anything she said. Be honest with yourself. Feel powerful and honest and speak what you believe. Your truth. I can’t even begin to tell how this makes you feel. I truly recommend it for everyone and that’s why I am dedicating it to this months Sanity Bank.

I decided for the month of June we should deposit “The Truth” in our Sanity Banks. It’s such a great feeling to get things off your chest. The wonderful thing is that you get to get things off your chest and you don’t have to do this in public. Make a folder in your email titled “The Truth” if you don’t feel like having a jar with the notes out where people can see and easily read. The only one with access to your email is you and the government. The government doesn’t want you to know they’re reading your emails so they’re not going to say anything. Unless your truth is harmful or destructive.

When you say your truth, it can’t haunt you anymore. It can’t be that thing you fear will come to light and you’ll have to face. Your truth is OK. It’s OK to say how you feel. It’s OK to feel how you feel. Your emotions are your truth. They don’t hide themselves from you. Why should you hide or deny your truth from your feelings? The heart doesn’t lie. It doesn’t know how. After you have written your truth, reflect on it. Say it out loud if it makes you feel better. One day you may even build up the courage to tell someone. You say the truth and admit to your feelings. You’re not hiding anymore. Deep down you know the truth and you’re just denying it anyway. You may as well write it down and put it in your Sanity Bank.

One of the most glorious things we can do to ourselves is be honest. Every day for the month of June I hope you are depositing a truth in your Sanity Bank. You will be shocked at how you feel within a week. I myself have put four truths in my Sanity Bank and already I feel a million times better.

Health and Happiness to you all,


“The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.”
-Joe Klaas, Twelve Steps to Happiness


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