Molten Cheesecake, Green Tea Ice Cream, Lemon Curd and Fresh Cherries

First off, I would like to apologize for disappearing last week and leaving you without a post. I’ve been under quite a bit of stress and I’ve had headaches and a lack of will when it comes to writing or doing anything. Then I will be on vacation the end of this week back to Ohio for graduations and birthday parties. I’ll catch up and fill you in. I promise you that.

So all these years I have been trying to work towards a central theme kind of thing for this blog. Sadly, it has gone in a million directions as I start something and then I see something new and then go in that direction. What my intentions were here, is that I wanted to make recipes that could be used in several different ways. At work I like to have a recipe that can be used in different capacities to eliminate waste. Also, when working with limited space, as is the issue here in New York, one recipe that can function as many is extremely helpful. Here with these three recipes I’ve accomplished it. Many years later.

IMG_2464 At least I hope so. I am not big on “focusing”. In fact, when I first put this dessert together and I took the photos and started tearing into it and shoving cake in my face, it dawned on me. I forgot to put the lemon curd. Man, was I pissed off. It was my last cake too. I had to go out and buy more cream cheese and butter to make more Molten Cheesecakes. My mind is never in the same place as me. Some would say this is a bad thing and you need to be present. I guess but I have a lot of things I want to do. Instead of finishing one project and moving on to the next, I start the next project in the middle of the one I’m doing at the current moment. I’ve read the books on focusing and having a plan but they just seem like a boring life. I can’t live that way. When I go out with friends, one is on “Watch Duty”. I have a tendency to wander off. Especially if things get boring or they start to talk about work or I get hungry. Even I don’t know why I wander off half the time.

“You know how I know you’re gay?  You can’t make up your fucking mind!!” -When I told a coworker that for my next career I want to be a designer.

My draft mailbox has so many half written pieces, it’s ridiculous. I start a piece and one sentence leads to another idea so I start another article. I also have a problem that if I don’t write something down I forget completely. I will be in the middle of something and have to write down something that I remembered and then all is lost. I just drift….away….somewhere.

If you have followed in the past couple weeks you will have noticed that each week was a different recipe. First we did the Molten Vanilla Cheesecake. Then we did the Green Tea Brown Rice Ice Cream. Lastly, we made the Lemon Curd for the Lemon Ginger Zinger. With these three recipes alone you can have numerous different things. Already with the Lemon Curd we made the Lemon Ginger Zinger and I gave you a list of other things you could do with the Lemon Curd. Here we have them all together to make a plated dessert that would certainly WoW some friends that you would have over. Unless you’re like Martha and myself and don’t have anybody in your life. Then you would just WoW yourself. That could be taken in a different way if you’re screwed up like myself.

I hope this gives you inspiration to combine recipes and get the most use out of them. From the looks of things, I’m pretty sure we’re going to have to start learning how to stretch a dollar or start eating Spam again.

All the best,

“People who are intimidated by you talk bad about you with hopes that others won’t find you so appealing”

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