White Chocolate Rice Pudding Pie with Whiskey Soaked Raisins

Do you still have some rice pudding left or did you overload on the Rice Pudding Burritos? I hinted that you should have kept 2 cups worth of White Chocolate Rice Pudding for another recipe but you may have gotten carried away and devoured the whole pot. It’s understandable. I have no control either.

If you don’t have any White Chocolate Rice Pudding left, head back and make another pot. You’ll need two cups for the pie recipe today and with the extra pudding you can make the Burritos again or just shove it in your face. I think you’ll be happy either way.

Can we real quickly talk about the weather? I’m old so I like to talk about the weather and what hurts me on my body. It’s usually my knees, in case you’re curious. If you live in New York or the vicinity, what the hell is up with the weather? Where is summer?

Ok, I’m done. I also have a short attention span.

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The White Chocolate Rice Pudding Pie was just something that I thought about at the last minute. I had this whole country, mid western image of a rice pudding pie and how original it would be. After I cranked it out and it turned out so fabulous that I thought I should share it with everybody. Then I Yahooed it and guess what? It’s not so original after all. Rice pudding pie or rice pie I come to find out is quite common around the globe. Who knew? Not me. Just like they say, if I’ve thought of it someone else has too. A lot of the recipes I’ve seen start out making the rice like you’re making rice pudding anyway. If you’re going to make rice pudding, you may as well make a batch. Then you have some for burritos and pie. Another thing I’ve noticed is a lot of these recipes call for ricotta cheese. In my recipe I use cream cheese because I like the smooth creamier consistency of cream cheese as opposed to ricotta.

The raisins are soaked in Jack Daniels Honey Whiskey. If you’re not a fan of whiskey or want to use rum or another alcohol, by all means go right ahead. Just had an idea—Cinnamon Whiskey? If you try this idea, let me know what you thought.

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White Chocolate Rice Pudding Pie

2c                          White Chocolate Rice Pudding (520g)
1/2block               cream cheese (110g)
3Tbsp                    light brown sugar (31g)
2                             eggs
3/4c                       Whiskey soaked raisins (120g)

-cream together your cream cheese and sugar until smooth
-add your eggs and mix until smooth once again
-add your White Chocolate Rice Pudding and stir together
-add your Whiskey soaked raisins, make sure they’re drained of any excess Whiskey
-pour into your pie shell, sprinkle with cinnamon and bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes. Rotating your pie half way through the baking process.

I made my own pie shell and you can find the recipe at Quiche-us Christ. Making your own pie shell isn’t necessary but I find it easier and more cost effective.

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