Whiskey Raisin, Rice Pudding and Banana Burritos

Whiskey Raisin, Rice Pudding and Banana Burritos recipe food blog


I didn’t want to call this a dessert burrito because that would just be corny. But since yesterday was Cinco de Mayo, I wanted to do something special for my Assistant Gilberto.

I have a tendency to play things out long after I should. Jokes, alcohol, relationships and dead end jobs that I hate. I had the white chocolate rice pudding that I made last week in the fridge. I actually had made the rice pudding with intentions of using it a couple different ways, yet my assistant thinks I shouldn’t hold on and we should move forward with new and inventive things. He thinks he’s my manager. Which a manager is actually my next step and I’m looking to hire someone. If anyone knows someone, do please let me know. So when I pitched the idea of using the white chocolate rice pudding my assistant Gilberto wasn’t too keen on the idea. “I’m going to use the white chocolate rice pudding today. I’m going to make something for you in honor of Cinco de Mayo.” He’s Mexican so this is legit. “Awe no, no more of the rice pudding” he sighed. “I’m going to make rice pudding burritos!” I said. His eye’s got wide and he smiled, “Oh, this is good.” See, I told he was Mexican.

IMG_1456 IMG_1473I guess it goes without saying that I will be pitching this idea to Taco Bell. Taco Bell is one of my favorites, you can keep your Chipotle, I’ll take a Meximelt and Gordita any day of the week. One thing I do not understand is how Taco Bell came out with breakfast but their choices for desserts are seriously lacking. This is where I come in. Taco Bell if you’re reading this, I think I could do some serious consulting and we could get some things done. I hear Toledo, Ohio is a good test market for your place and maybe we could run some things through there. I’m even willing to spend some time in Mexico doing some research. Not mandatory but I love Mexico and I could use a vacation so really bad right about now. Drop me an email.

Lets get the show on the road.

The Whiskey Raisin, Rice Pudding and Banana Burritos were quite the tasty little bundle of Mexican sweetness you would expect. It’s rice pudding wrapped in a burrito. Win! Traditionally, I think it’s traditional I’m not sure but I know mostly you see raisins soaked in rum. Boring, outdated and I’m not a rum fan. I soaked my raisins in Jack Daniels Honey Whiskey. If you haven’t tried the Honey Whiskey by Jack Daniels yet I don’t know what the hell you’re waiting for. The Honey Whiskey gives the raisins a marvelous sweetness and the whiskey? Well, that’s just a no brainer. I like the whiskey flavor in the raisins way better than rum. Put your golden raisins in a container, add your honey whiskey to cover the raisins and let sit over night.

The White Chocolate Pudding can be made a head of time, a couple days or so. Your call. You will have plenty of the rice pudding to make many burritos or you can save 2 cups worth incase there is a recipe next week that calls for rice pudding. Hint..hint…

Throw together your burrito with your rice pudding, raisins and a banana. Roll up like a proper burrito, making sure no rice pudding will escape while frying. Lightly spray a pan and cook at a medium high heat until golden on each side. About 4 or 5 minutes on each side.

The banana goes really well with the crunchy fried tortilla and the whiskey raisins and banana are a great flavor combo. The rice pudding makes it look all like a real, kinda but not really a real burrito.

All in all, the Whiskey Raisin, Rice Pudding and Banana Burrito is a sure winner. It’s an easy throw together thing that is great for a BBQ, friends hanging out or if you’re a big Taco Tuesday person. Make these as dessert and watch everyone wanting to be your friend. Which sometimes isn’t always a good thing.

Have a great weekend everyone!


“Sometimes we don’t say what we feel, not because we don’t want to, but because we don’t know how”

Whiskey Raisin, Rice Pudding and Banana Burritos recipe food blog Whiskey Raisin, Rice Pudding and Banana Burritos recipe food blog Whiskey Raisin, Rice Pudding and Banana Burritos recipe food blog