What is your Theme? Sanity Bank Deposits for the month of May

abstract artwork artist colored pencil drawing

Ever notice when you get a new pair of shoes that you seem to walk better? A little bit taller and with longer strides. That new outfit you bought and you’re walking down the street like you’re on a runway? Everyone has that song that puts them in a better mood. I’ve been walking down the street and “that” song comes on my phone and BAM! I’m walking taller, faster and in my mind I think I’m cool when really people are looking at me like I’m a shmuck. It’s all good to me.

This months addition to our Sanity Bank we are going with a “Theme”. Every morning we wake up, we are going to pick our theme and live that theme. It’s a really cool idea. You know why entrepreneurs are as they are? Because they believe it. They go in with this mentality and confidence and they conquer. Am I a writer? Depends who you ask. I’ve heard people say some really awful things about me and I’ve heard people say wonderful things about me. Which I choose to listen to is up to me. What I do know though is that when I wake up in the morning and I’m at my computer. Damn it, I’m a writer. When I put on my Italian leather boots that I bought down in Soho. I’m a model walking down 58th street. The first model with poor posture, yellow teeth, grossly ate fingernails and boots that cost more than his whole wardrobe. That’s right. I said, the first. You can hate if you want. I ain’t got time to hate, I’m too busy being me.

Everyone has their “thing”, I like to call it their “Theme.” What is it that you do that puts you over the moon? Who do you want to be today? You can be anyone or anything you want to be. You want to put on a suit and walk around town? Do it. Who says you can’t? Jealous bitches, that’s who. Get in the role and go. Be any one you want to be! People hate because they’re jealous. But who cares about them. Ignore them. This is about you!!

Think about that song that motivates you. The weather. People. Books. Do people still read? Whatever puts you where you need to be. Use that motivation. Let your actions speak for themselves. When you decide who you want to be, everything changes. You feel motivated. Empowered. It’s not going to be easy but once you’ve made up your mind. There is no stopping you.

You know those people you admire who do what they want and make no excuses? Yeah, be that person. I myself admire those people that dedicate their lives to what they want and what makes them happy. You know that person that doesn’t feel pressured to go out and do what everyone else is doing. That friend that jumps up from the bar after one beer and says “Thank you, I got shit to do.” Everyone tries to guilt that person into staying but that person has their Theme and sticking to it. Meanwhile you sit at the bar drinking beers until 3am and stumble home while spending your last dime on shitty pizza. Then in 5 years that friend that said they had things to do is successful, well traveled, has money and happy. Be that committed. Be that person. Have that “Theme.”

For example, if you decide that your “Theme” is that you are going to be a Wine Sommelier. I have friends that are Sommelier’s and I think it’s fascinating and it’s a lot of hard work and studying. You think they got to that point by not being dedicated, hardworking and living that Theme? Hell no! They studied day and night, drank a ton of wine, read books upon books, went to events and made it their lives. There is no way you are going to make it without dedicating yourself to your Theme. Unless you’re in the 1% and have a fortune handed to you. You’re just not. And if you are in that 1%, I’m flattered you’re here and want to let you know I’m single.

Pick your Theme and get your shit together. Live like the person you want to be. Make no excuses. Make no exceptions. It’s now or never. You don’t get to the top or be who you want to be by only dreaming. You actually have to follow through. Grab your pen and paper, write out your Theme, whether for the month or for the day and drop that in your Sanity Bank and live that Theme.

Happy May everybody! Summer is here! Thank God!

“The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubt, while the stupid people are full of confidence” -Charles Bukowski