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Years back I went to Brazil to visit one of my most amazing friends ever, Michel. Let me tell you meeting Michel is one of those moments that happens only in the movies. It was totally random and bizarre and I consider him one of my closest friends and I love the hell out of the guy. He is beyond talented, he is dedicated, hard working, soft spoken, smart and physically flawless to look at. He is actually everything I hate in a person and I love the guy beyond the stars. I would do anything for the guy.

I met Michel late one night as I was walking home from work. I was over by Bloomingdales about a block away from catching my train when Michel approached me and asked where he could grab a bite to eat. I tried to direct him to a place and him not speaking the best English or me in the way I mumble, he didn’t understand. So I walked Michel to the place for something to eat. He didn’t care for what they had and he told me he was looking for a burger. I knew a really good place so we walked over there. Sadly, that place had already closed for the night. He didn’t want to inconvenience me any longer and told me it was no big deal, he would just go back to his hotel room. I asked where he was staying and he was staying a half a block from where I worked. I knew a really cool bar right around the corner from his hotel with great food. We sat at the bar until almost 3 in the morning, eating and drinking. Michel said he was in town taking a class for the week and wanted to know if I was free to hang out. Of course I was and we hung out all week and developed a really good friendship that I am the most happiest and thankful for. I live for moments and experiences like this. These are moments that make life so amazing.

Which kinda leads to this recipe or I just wanted to tell you about Michel. Probably Michel. Have I told you how awesome he is? Well, when I was in Brazil meeting Michel I stumbled upon a recipe for Molten Dulce de Leche Cake. The recipe of all recipes. It’s Molten Dulce de Leche!!!! Be honest. Have you ever had a recipe with dulce de leche that wasn’t good? Exactly. As with most things we, including myself, take things and do them to death. So I thought, what about a molten cheesecake. Why not?

I’ll be honest here, the molten cheesecake is no dulce de leche cake. But! It is delicious in it’s own light. The molten cheesecake almost to me tastes like a warm cheesecakey crepe like cake with a liquid center. It’s damn good. How about that? The molten cheesecake doesn’t have that overly richness to it either like the chocolate molten cake. It could be paired with a chocolate sorbet if you wanted to go heavy or you could keep with the lightness of the cheesecake and do a lemon sorbet with some raspberries. Oh, now that sounds good!!

I do want to reiterate about Michel. One of the reasons I wanted to do a blog was to celebrate people. I wanted to laugh and connect with wonderful people doing wonderful things. Michel is a wonderful friend, a pure talent and just a sweetheart. I would like to celebrate him and his talent. You can find him here at on Instagram and he has a blog as well

I hope you check him out and I wish Michel and you all much love and happiness!


“Expressions of physical love are far more dangerous than expressions of hatred”


Makes 5 – 4oz ramekins. Have oven heated to 400 degrees.

Molten Vanilla Cheesecake

8oz                           Cream Cheese (226g)
2                               Egg yolks
2                               Whole eggs
1/4c                         Flour (40g)
1/4c                         Sugar (54g)
1                               Vanilla Bean (or 1 Tbsp vanilla extract)
1 stick                     Butter (113g)
Pinch of salt

-Cream the cheese, butter, sugar, vanilla, eggs and egg yolks until smooth
-Add the flour and salt
-Pour mixture into a greased ramekin and bake
-Bake for about 10-15 minutes

Keep an eye on your cake. My oven is pure shit so I have to watch things carefully and some things just don’t turn out at all. Heres what you want your cake to look like. There should be a little well in the center that is still a bit runny. The sides should be thick enough though to support the cake so that when you flip the cake out the sides won’t bust open. Make sense?

Molten Vanilla Cheesecake recipe baking blog Molten Vanilla Cheesecake recipe baking blog Molten Vanilla Cheesecake recipe baking blog Molten Vanilla Cheesecake recipe baking blog Molten Vanilla Cheesecake recipe baking blog

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