Green Tea and Brown Rice Ice Cream

Green Tea and Brown Rice Ice Cream recipe baking pastry blog

One day while I was at work a coworker asked me if I wanted some green tea. Green Tea? Hell no I didn’t want any green tea. I’m at work, I’m trying to accomplish things, I need coffee. Give me green tea after a massage and a sushi buffet and let me take my nap. Then she pulled out this mystical looking tea bag in a shape I had never seen a tea bag shaped before. She held it up and spun it around like it had powers. “It has bits of brown rice in it” she said. I just nodded my head like I was in a trance and said “yes, I would like some of that.”

The tea did seem almost unreal. It was light, crisp and a bit nutty toasty like flavor from the brown rice and at the same time it was very clean tasting. I really dug it and asked her to bring me more. I would be willing to pay whatever she asked. Then she disappeared. No seriously, she disappeared. Not like in a wizard like way with smoke and all that stuff. She went on some kind of medical leave. Not sure what for and I hear different things. Work rumors. You know how it is.

I’m not a huge green tea drinker but I love green tea pastries. My crazy friend Kevin always finds these cheap eats here in New York and they usually tend to be sushi buffets and China buffets. He always finds these out of the way kind of places and buffets and we generally forgive them if the food sucks as long as the green tea ice cream is good. I’m not even a big ice cream person but I can’t seem to get enough of the green tea ice cream.

Green Tea and Brown Rice Ice Cream recipe baking pastry blogOne alert you should know if you’re not familiar with working with green tea, is that it’s very potent. You don’t need that much and there is a fine line. If you cross it you’re ice cream will taste disgusting. When you go to an Asian buffet and their green tea ice cream is really green. It has to be food coloring. For it to be that green they would have to use quite a bit of green tea powder and that would make it taste gross. In my recipe I used 1 tablespoon. Green Tea and Brown Rice Ice Cream recipe baking pastry blogYou may go as high as 2 tablespoons if you like, especially if you’re a huge fan of the green tea. Your call. Also, something I didn’t know. Green tea is expensive. Something I also didn’t know. It’s expensive because there are different grades of green tea. I neglected to take a picture of the box but there is a green tea in a 2oz box for baking that I picked up here in NYC for only $9. The can I was originally going to buy was $25 for 1oz. The lady at the store told me to get the box if I was just baking. For almost a $15 difference, I agreed.

I didn’t use any particular or special brand of brown rice. I don’t think that would make a huge difference. Well, wait a minute. I wouldn’t use like Uncle Ben’s or anything generic, boil in a bag or quick whatever kinda rice. No offense Uncle Ben but you’re not exactly quality.

Once you’ve got your ice cream made and you’re ready to shove it in your face. It is summer and I don’t know where you’re at but this week in the city it’s been pretty damn hot. I love it! I had some Jack Daniels Honey Whiskey soaked raisins left from the Banana and White Chocolate Rice Pudding Burritos. The Honey Whiskey soaked raisins with green tea ice cream are a real knock out. I’m just as shocked as you. Another good combo I think with green tea is fresh cherries. The cherries in my area are looking pretty sweet. Always take advantage of fresh fruit while in season. Always.

Hope you try the recipe and everyone has a great weekend.


“Please don’t tell me what I don’t need to know, Please don’t offer what I shouldn’t know” – Roxette


Green Tea and Brown Rice Ice Cream

2c               half and half
1c               heavy cream
3/4c          sugar
1Tbsp       green tea powder
1/4c          brown rice
4               egg yolks
pinch of salt

-In a sauce pan brown your rice over a medium heat. You will get a little bit of a toasting smell but don’t burn the rice or your ice cream will taste burnt
(burnt ice cream is the worst) make sure you stir the rice and keep it moving. This should only take about 3 to 5 minutes. Set aside.
-After you’ve dumped out the brown rice into a bowl and set aside. Into that sauce pan add your half and half, cream and half the sugar.
-The other half of your sugar add to your green tea. This will help it from clumping when you add it to your milk mixture.
-Once the milk mixture comes to a boil slowly stream half of the mixture it into your yolks, tempering them. Return the yolk mixture to the sauce pan with the
rest of the milk, add your green tea and sugar mix as well and cook on a low heat for about another 3-5 minutes. Being careful not to curdle the eggs. You should cook the mixture to 160 degrees. If you don’t have a thermometer, the mix should coat the back of a spoon. Just make sure it’s hot!
-Strain this ice cream mixture into the bowl with your brown rice and let sit over night in the fridge.
-The next day, strain out the brown rice and spin in your ice cream maker until it looks like soft serve.

Green Tea and Brown Rice Ice Cream recipe baking pastry blog Green Tea and Brown Rice Ice Cream recipe baking pastry blog Green Tea and Brown Rice Ice Cream recipe baking pastry blogGreen Tea and Brown Rice Ice Cream recipe baking pastry blog

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