Let’s assume peoples actions are intentional

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I’ve mentioned how you shouldn’t try to figure people out. And you really shouldn’t. I know sometimes it’s hard to ignore people or not wonder why they do the things they do. If you can’t seem to let things go. Then just tell yourself that these people are intentionally acting the way they are and that they are brilliant. Make it a game. Make them a game. Make it fun.

I was at work having a conversation with a girl who is awesome and hilarious. She was standing against one wall and I was standing against the other wall. We had left plenty of room between us so people could move freely throughout the hallway and we wouldn’t obstruct anybody. When along comes a housekeeper, puts her hand on my back and says “Excuse me!” and pushed me away from the wall so she could walk behind me, instead of through the pathway we were clearly left open. I was bafoozeled, when I look at my friend who had no expression whatsoever and she says, “Yup, that’s the kind of people we work with.”

I tell you this story because if you see it from my friend Stefanie’s point of view, it’s hilarious. When I told my friend Stefanie this story, she died laughing and asked me if I applauded the woman. Why would I applaud someone who is clearly acting like an asshole intentionally? Exactly Stefanie’s point. More precisely what Stefanie said was, “When someone out crazies me, I applaud them.”

Which got me thinking. Yes, when people go above and beyond the scum that they are and do things that absurd. You kinda have to applaud them. I never would have thought to push someone away from standing against a wall so I could walk behind them. Even if I had that thought I wouldn’t have the balls to do it. I should have applauded her as she walked away. That was amazing. That thought actually went through her head and she went with it. Like what planning went with that? Was she just walking down the hall and out of the blue said, “Watch me be an asshole.”

I now believe she did and I now applaud her.

I was out spending money that I don’t have, which is usually the case, when a girl cut in front of me at the cash register. My first response was, “Ah man, not today.” Then I thought about her intentions. Then my second response was, “Oh, this bitch wants to fight today.” Did she intentionally cut in front of me to start a fight? Probably. People are nasty nowadays. Heres another thing my nutso friend Stefanie taught me. The crazy stare. The angrier and longer the better. No matter what the person says. You say nothing and never break your stare. When your intentions are known, you’re an asshole. When no one knows your intentions or what you’re capable of, you’re nuts. It puts fear in people. Try it sometime. It warms the heart a little. You’re welcome but don’t thank me. Thank Stefanie.

Hopefully this helps you get through another day of peoples bullshit. We’ll have to find another game eventually because people are always raising the bar.


“As you get older you will understand more and more that it’s not about what you look like or what you own, it’s all about the person you’ve become.”