Butterscotch Custards

butterscotch custard recipe

Damn I love custards!!  Desserts are always a must have.  Even when you’ve eaten so much that you feel like you are going to puke but the waiter asks if you want dessert.  You look at your dining company and you all shrug your shoulders and say “We’ll look at the menu”.

I was having dinner with a friend last Monday when he said he didn’t like custards. You know when you meet someone it’s nice to learn new things about them, where they come from, their past and some funny stories.  Then you hear something like this and you think that maybe you shouldn’t be friends.  How did we come this far and be friends for this long and I not know this about you?  I feel like he kept it hidden on purpose.  You hide your past because you don’t want your spouse to know what a dirt ball you were.  It feels like that.  I feel like I don’t know this guy.

Spring is here, thank God, but that also means a lot of chilly rainy days.  I can deal because that means summer is coming.  Oh, how I love summer!

The reason I made custard?  Yes, that’s what I was getting at!  Jesus!  After having dinner with my friend and him not liking custard I felt like coming home and making custard.  Could be out of anger?  Possibly.  I’ll let you diagnose me.  If you can write prescriptions, get a hold of me.

It worked out too because the day I made the custards was a rainy Monday.  A good excuse not to leave the house and just drink coffee and eat custard.  I imagine that’s how it feels to be retired.  I call my days off work my retirement days since I won’t be able to afford to actually retire.  Retirement days are less stressful than regular days off.  I don’t feel obligated to run errands, call people, save money, do laundry or do anything for that matter.

Heres the custard recipe and what I did.  I put some whip cream on top, which is always a fan favorite.  On some I put some peanut butter granola.  That was good with the crunch and all.  Others I added a little whiskey to the whip cream.  Some custards I ate straight and chased with whiskey.  All in the name of research and future retirement days.

“You don’t make it with your hands
You form it with your hands
You make it with your mind”
-Edgar Tolsen


Butterscotch Custards 

500g             heavy cream (1 pint)
50g               sugar
50g               brown sugar
30g               brown butter
2                   eggs
pinch of salt

-cook the heavy cream just until warm, set aside
-combine eggs with brown sugar, set aside
-now, cook sugar to amber color
-once to an amber color, take off the heat and whisk in the butter
-once incorporated, add the warm heavy cream and your pinch of salt
-return to the stove on low heat and cook out any sugar lumps you may see
-stream the warm mix slowly….I said slowly, into the eggs and brown sugar, while slowly whisking
(don’t over whisk, you don’t want air bubbles or a foamy mix)
-I baked mine in ramekins weighing each one out to 80g
-bake in a water bath at 250 degrees for approximately 45 minutes

Tips: If you’re a little nervous cooking sugar, you can add 2Tbsp of water to the sugar and make it like wet sand.  Cook on high heat and let it eventually caramelize and turn amber.  If you’re not familiar cooking with sugar this will reduce the chances of you burning the sugar.  Also, if you don’t have brown butter don’t be ashamed, I mean it is a little sad but don’t fret.  You can easily use regular butter.  I just had higher hopes for you than I should have, thinking you actually took baking serious.  It’s my fault, don’t blame yourself.  You work, you might have a family, I get it.

Off you go!  If you’re in the same boat as me, then have a great retirement weekend!!


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