Speak up or go cry on the couch

mixed media collage artwork artist

I’m a big quote person. I have notebooks full of quotes that I have come across over the years that I love. I have even given these quote notebooks as gifts. Some love them and some look at me like I’m some kind of smart ass. I think the quote books are genius as gifts and I just tell myself that my friends are all assholes.

Here’s where I’m going with this. A lot of quotes contradict themselves, are just plain stupid or are pure common sense. Yet, there is one quote that drives me nuts. Have you heard the quote:

“Don’t take people’s attitude personal. They are going through something you know nothing about”

Well, this may be true and I am very sorry about what they may be going through. Yet, I am not the one that put them in their position. Maybe their bad attitude or the fact that they are assholes put them in their predicament. Life is a sum of all your choices, as my dear friend Ndah wrote in her song. Could it be that one of your piss poor choices put you in the position to hate the world? Thus taking out your frustration out on me for your bad decision.

I understand not all situations are our own faults. It could be Grandma died that day and she meant a lot to you. I get that and I’m sorry to hear about Grandma. What I don’t get is how this makes it acceptable to be take your frustrations out on other people?

You know not all people are heartless bastards. If you spoke up and mentioned Grandma died you might get some sympathy and understanding. Being a dick will get you nothing. If you don’t want to speak up and talk about it then put on your happy face and get through the day. Then grab a six pack on your way home from work and cry on the couch like a normal person.

“Nothing that others do is because of you. It is because of themselves ” – Miguel Ruiz

No shit Miguel? So dipshit at work who threw me under the bus to cover his own ass. That wasn’t about me? Oh gosh geez… well then, I shouldn’t take it personally then should I Miguel? Hey Miguel, where’s your quote that says “If you’re going to be a dipshit, own it and don’t fuck over other people”.

Listen, I know life’s going to throw some crazy situations your way. It does to everyone. You’re thinking I’m sitting behind a computer in some lavish New York City apartment with a hell of a view. In reality, I’m sitting on a couch I got on the cheap in a tiny one bedroom that faces a brick wall. Instead of being angry about my circumstances and being rude to people. I’m thankful I have a place to come home to after my shitty job with a couch that I can sit and cry on with my cheap bottle of wine. Here’s another quote for you.

“If everyone in the world threw their problems into a pile, we would grab our own problems back.”

This is in no way accurate, at all, but you get the gist. Basically, what it’s saying is there is always someone who has it worse than you. I know a lot more people who I wouldn’t trade lives with than those that I would. Those that I would trade lives with are TV characters anyway and they don’t count.

Everyone’s been there. Been depressed, upset, lost in life and a little unsure about the future. Say it! You never know. You might meet someone who will go halves on the beer and you can go home and cry on the couch together. I love making new friends.

Best of luck.