If only you realized now how perfect you are

mixed media collage artwork artist faces

and what a wrinkled lovely mess you will become.

I don’t want to get into the whole social media debate. Whether it’s good or bad. Though I will tell you it’s bad. I think the whole media is bad. Anyway, the reason I bring this up is I believe it hurts our self esteem, crushes dreams, ruins expectations and makes us unable to see and believe what is real.

We have totally lost our own ability to see, feel and perceive what is real. We rely on TV, magazines, the news and social media for what we believe we need, is acceptable and what is real. These media sources tell us how to believe, feel, who to hate, who to love, what to listen to and what to watch. I could go on and on. It’s sad really.

Not too long ago there was an interview in a magazine with Brooke Shields. I’m sure she’s a lovely lady. That’s not the point. I hear Oprah’s a nasty bitch but that’s another topic. See…see what the media does? Anyway, the point is, is that on the cover of the magazine Brooke looked flawless. Amazing, clear, tight skin. Her skin looked like a 24 year old woman. I happen to see her in a restaurant here in New York. You know what she looked like? She looked like the 50 year old woman that she is. Girl had some sun and age spots let me tell you, with that thin aging skin. Again, I’m sure she’s lovely. So, there she is, real and live and looking like a 50 year old. Yet, on the magazine she looked flawless. This is what upsets me when people at 50 try to live up to that expectation. It’s not real.

I saw a guy on Instagram who had a split photo of how much weight he’d lost. The after photo he too, was flawless. He had the body of a 25 year old kid that lived at the gym. No stretch marks, no saggy skin. People were praising him and going on and on about how great he looked. Perhaps he did this to make himself feel better. Maybe he didn’t get hugs from Dad. I don’t know but it’s not right to portray that to people and give them false hope for your own ego. I myself have lost 175 pounds and no way will my body, no matter how hard I hit the gym, will I look 25 again. Just ain’t going to happen. I work out and eat properly because I want to feel better and look better, yes. It does not define me and one day I will be a wrinkled mess. I’m prepared for it and welcome it. I have no other choice.

We the people blame the magazines for doing this and giving us false expectations. What are our expectations for ourselves? How do we not know better? How can you look at a magazine cover of a woman who is 50 years old and has no wrinkles, no age spots, no sun damage, completely flawless and go “Wow! I hope I look like that at 50?”. No! SHE doesn’t look like that at 50.

This is where I wonder if the media has damaged us to the point that we believe everything they put out there. Well, actually I don’t wonder. Can we not think for ourselves? You know damn well no one at 50 looks like that. The magazine sells that image and you believe it. Now, who’s really the idiot?

Work towards a better you but let go of perfection. It doesn’t exist. You as you are, is perfection. You are and will be perfect. It’s in God’s design. If you feel the need for surgery or the expensive face creams, I say go for it. Just be aware of the outcomes, prepare for the consequences and know that at 50 with a face pulled tight that the only one who thinks you’re 20 is you. The only way you’re going to be perfect is to be honest with yourself and accept yourself exactly they way you are. That…that is perfection.

“Accept what is — Let go of what was — Have faith in what will be”