Chipotle Roasted Carrots

chipotle roasted carrots recipe easy simple

I have never been the one to go to a restaurant, have a dish and figure out how to make it at home. I always thought, why would you make it at home if you could go to the restaurant? They do it and do it right. It’s their recipe. They came up with it. That’s why you go. Because it’s good and you don’t have to make it at home. That was the old me.

I was having dinner with good friends, friends of friends, my Assistant and there was an acquaintance. Oh and a baby. An order of roasted spicy carrots was ordered by the girl sitting next to me. They looked really good. You know, like everyone at the tables meal always looks better than what you ordered. That kind of good. Because I had ordered the brussel sprouts and they didn’t look nearly as good as the carrots. So the fat kid voice in my head kept nudging me to ask her if I could try one. Then the cheap bastard budget voice kept telling me that we would be obligated to pay for them if we asked. Luckily, she asked people to try the carrots. I dove for the carrots. Short story long. They were absolutely delicious.

chipotle roasted carrots recipe easy simple chipotle roasted carrots recipe easy simple

This is probably the first time I’ve ever tried to make something at home that I’ve tried at a restaurant. I’ve copied pastries that I’ve seen, yeah sure, cause I’m a pastry guy. Never have I tried savory before. I will tell you though. These carrots are nothing like the restaurants. I came damn close though. I’m proud of myself. I’m not a huge carrot fan, for me they have to have something going on with them. I can do a carrot if it’s covered in 90% dip. If they’re cooked, even better.

These carrots are a must try, even for non carrot fans. First off, the recipes simple. I love simple recipes, I even love saying the word “simple”. They are good hot or cold. They add a little spice factor to a hummus platter if you were to put one out. And who doesn’t put hummus platters out these days? They have that sweet and spicy going on. I love the sweet and spicy combination.

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  situation instead of trying to hurt them back”


Chipotle Roasted Carrots

1                     16oz bag baby carrots
80g                honey (1/4 cup)
4                    Chipotle peppers from the can
2                    oranges, segmented

-place your baby carrots in a 8×12 casserole type dish
-segment the oranges right into your blender, then squeeze the remaining juice from the orange, discard pith
-add your honey and chipotle peppers
-blend the mixture until it is nice and smooth
-pour mixture over carrots and stir a little bit with a spoon to make sure they all get a good coating of mixture
-bake at 375 degrees for 45 minutes

It’s a good idea to bake the carrots in a casserole type dish with sides so the mix doesn’t spill over. You could even improvise and do it in a cake pan. You want to use a smaller dish so the carrots are submerged in the mixture and actually get a good coating while baking. When doing the oranges, you just want the segments and the juice. If you were to be lazy and throw in the whole orange. The white pith part of the orange has a real bitter flavor. You don’t want that. Also, you want to adjust the chipotles accordingly, depending on how weak you are. I had no idea how spicy chipotles were myself until one day I threw a whole one in my mouth. I thought I was going to die..first cry, then die. The honey and orange curb the spice just a little bit. Actually not at all, the sweetness of the orange and honey fool your mouth into thinking it’s fine. The spice will come, trust me.

Ok, off you go! Have a great weekend!!

chipotle roasted carrots recipe easy simple chipotle roasted carrots recipe easy simple chipotle roasted carrots recipe easy simple