What are you letting go of?

what are you letting go of? A jar for putting your thoughts and journal ideas.

Well February is already here. Can you believe it? Those that hate winter are excited it’s one month closer to summer and those that hate winter are pissed it’s one month closer to summer.

For February it’s time to make our new and different deposits in our Sanity Bank, Bank of Gusanity or Emotional Piggy Bank whatever you want to call it. Diversifying your portfolio is very important, so I’ve been told. I haven’t a clue about money investing. Emotional investing is something I can wrap my brain around. Ask me about money and I’ll probably cry. Sounds like I should write that down and put that in this months Sanity Bank.

Which leads me to this months Sanity Deposits. “What are you letting go of?”

All of us have something, one thing, a lot of things, too many things, unnecessary things and on and on that we all hold on to. These things are totally unnecessary to hold on to. Anything that holds you back from being a star is unnecessary. We need to drop these things and move forward. The biggest thing most people hold on to, including myself, is the past. Why we do this, I have no idea. It’s over people, why can’t we move on? Yet, we don’t. I know, I know I do it too. Still do. We all do.

Letting go of anything is hard partly because when you let go it’s like saying you gave up. You were defeated. You’re a quitter. For example, I’m guessing someone has lied about you. I had that happen to me just recently. By letting it go, it says that those lies were true. My ego feels like it needs to defend itself. False. Their ego needed to defend itself by lying. They lied about you to comfort themself. I feel like I needed to defend myself to my friends. False. You’re friends and their friends know the truth. Most people don’t like conflict and won’t confront a liar. They know, trust me. People are well aware of the type of person they are. People will think the lies are true if I don’t defend myself. False. The person that lied about you looks like a bad person. By you letting go and not responding to blasphemy shows your credit, decency and power as a human being. Like I said earlier, people know what kind of person someone really is. Whether or not they confront it is not your problem. Let go of that too.

“Sometimes letting things go
Is an act of far greater power
Than defending or hanging on”
-Eckhart Tolle

There is also letting go of material things. The book by Marie Kondo – The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up right now is all the rage and I can see why. I’ve read the book and honestly it is awesome. I’ve always thought of myself as an organized person and I absolutely hate stuff laying around. Then I read her book. I have got rid of more junk and have even gotten rid of bins that I bought thinking I was tidying up and being organized. If you’re looking to let go of needless insanity around you. Check out her book. It made a hell of a difference for me.

If you’re having trouble letting go of something. Talk it out. Talk about it. With yourself or a friend. Thank the situation for the lesson it taught you and move on. Whatever the situation, chances are you’re probably the only one who can’t let go of what happened anyway. Unless you’re sitting in prison right now, then I’m pretty sure what you did probably had some kind of impact on someone who is holding on. Refer them to this article. Maybe you two or three or more can talk it out. I truly believe you need to forgive yourself, just like you need to love yourself, before you can anyone else.

Now let’s make our deposits and flourish. Life is waiting but we ain’t getting any younger.

“There are things 
  that we don’t want to happen
  but have to accept, 
  Things we don’t want to know 
  but have to learn,
  and people we can’t live without
  but have to let go”


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