Milk Chocolate and Pecan Cookies

giant stack of milk chocolate pecan cookies recipe

Another recipe made from the brown butter recipe last week. Are you hooked yet? Hopefully this recipe will seal the deal and if not, check to see if you have a pulse.

You can never have too many cookie recipes. It says so right in the Bible. Though I’ve been eating fruits and vegetables, I have gained ten pounds by being stationary on the couch following my surgery. To help cope with the weight gain, I made cookies. I’ve been enjoying cookies and watching stand up comedy shows. Let me tell you, I love comedy. I would rather go to a comedy show than go see a movie, theater or live music. Live music is second, I love music.

Anyway, sometimes comedy shows annoy me. I have this pet peeve about comedians. I hate when a comedian comes out on stage and their whole set is just making fun of people in the audience. I do this at work, grocery stores, out with friends and just my everyday life. If you come out on stage and point to the two guys in the front row and make fun of them for your whole set. This is taking the easy way out. It annoys me. Write some material.

I know I’m a walking joke. Look at me for crying out loud. Ghostly white, bad posture, bald, dead end job, talk to myself obsessively, absent minded, not many friends, I could go on and on. What I’m trying to say is that it doesn’t take a comedian to make fun of me. If I wanted someone to make fun of me and let me know what loser I am, I’ll call my Mom or one of my two friends. Making fun of people doesn’t make you a comedian. It makes you a teenager.

milk chocolate pecan cookies being scooped milk chocolate pecan cookies recipe

I will tell you though. If someone does make fun of you. These cookies will really help seal those wounds! Cookies are like Xanax. Whenever I eat a cookie I drift off into my happy place where I believe no one can see me.

These cookies have a nutty flavor from the brown butter and I like the milk chocolate with brown butter as opposed to a richer dark chocolate. Dark chocolate with the brown butter is a little too much for my taste. There is also a tad more brown sugar than white sugar for a little more molasses flavor. The brown sugar with brown butter and milk chocolate chips makes these cookies a winner. In my opinion. I’m not going to make fun of other cookie flavors to make these cookies sound better. That’s the easy way out. I’m a professional dammit!

“Once you see results.  It becomes an addiction”

Milk Chocolate and Pecan Cookies

354g              flour
4g                  baking soda
4g                  baking powder
6g                  salt
226g              brown butter
115g               sugar
200g             light brown sugar
6g                  vanilla extract
2                    eggs
1                    egg yolk
326g             milk chocolate chips
180g             chopped pecans

-cream butter and sugars until light and fluffy
-add eggs, yolk and vanilla
-mix until combined
-add flour, baking soda and baking powder
-mix on low until combined
-add chocolate chips and pecans
-bake at 325 10-15 minutes

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