Excuse me while I have surgery

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Well, I was putting it off but I finally had my hernia surgery. I figured it was time since the hernia bulge in my underwear now looked bigger than my penis bulge.

It’s nothing major, more like an inconvenience. I’m not scared of surgery, I’m scared of getting up early. I had to be at the hospital at 7am. It’s January, it’s 20 degrees outside and I have to make my way into Manhattan. Do paperwork, change into a gown, have the anesthesiologist tell me it’s a possibility I might die or something worse like chip a tooth. It’s all just too much at seven in the morning. I’m not a morning person. At all.

This is what idea I had. Why not let me stay in the hospital the night before. Give me the run down as to what’s going to happen. Complications, fill out the paperwork, put on my paper gown, put the purple markings on me as to where the doctors going to cut in to me, put in the IV and let me sack out for the night. First thing in the morning they tip toe into my room, put me to sleep, wheel me into surgery, do their thing and I wake up in a recovery room. No early morning. Trekking out into the cold. Changing into a gown. Refraining from eating or drinking 10 hours before surgery. It’s a win win for everyone. When I go for my follow-up I shall share this in the suggestion box at the hospital.

Then, however, I do have to make my way home all groggy and googly eyed with the help of my Assistant Gilberto. He means well and his hearts in the right place but God help us!

Anyway, I will try to keep up with the writing. I don’t see how I couldn’t with just laying on a couch for the next month. The doctor told me he wanted me up and walking around though. Number one, it’s January and cold outside, so I won’t be going out if I don’t have to. Number two, I live in a tiny apartment in New York. If I walk around the apartment, it won’t take long to get back to my computer.

So I shall be back shortly.

Update: So I had my surgery already. Sorry, my intent was to post this before I went in, didn’t happen. I have a disease called procrastination, which I’ve gone to the doctor numerous times for medication. Which she will not prescribe. Total bullshit. I have insurance. Anyhooter, I am out, doing well, catching up on some documentaries and trying not to pick my scabs. Thanks for your well wishes.