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How to make Brown Butter

butter cooking in a pot to make brown butter recipe blog

I love brown butter and I use it a whole lot in my baking. It may be outdated or over used, yet so are my clothes and I don’t give a shit. I get gruff all the time for using brown butter and I thought to myself, “When have I ever cared for peoples opinion about me?”.

Brown butter is good to keep on hand, in a jar, by the stove and ready to go. It’s not only delicious for baking but it is also nice in savory dishes. Stir a little into a pasta dish. Oh man, I really like that. Slab it on toast in the morning. Don’t let anyone tell you what you can do with your brown butter.

It might seem meager and not such an exciting recipe you came here for today but it’s Monday. You probably aren’t in the mood to go all tits out and crank out a full Rachel Ray recipe anyway. That peppy bitch, I love her. Have you tried her pasta dish made with almond butter? Man, I’m copying that and making that with my brown butter. If it turns out good I’ll let you know what I did. Sidetracked, now I’m back, so you’re at work and looking at blogs, you’re motivation is null. Brown butter is easy to make and it’s one of those good things to have on hand if you’re a baker, plus you’ll feel like you accomplished a little something today. If you’re a weekend baker warrior, your brown butter is ready to go now and it’s one less step. Another beautiful thing about brown butter, while you’re making it, your house will smell divine. Note to Yankee Candle, research making a Brown Butter Candle.

OK, let’s run through this brown butter recipe. I have to turn in some change so I can buy lottery tickets.

Brown Butter

Unsalted Butter—– How ever much you want to make.  I did 2 pounds.

Step 1.
Throw the butter in a deep pan and turn it on high.  Let it come to a full on rolling boil.

butter cooking in a pot to make brown butter recipe blog

Step 2.
As it gets closer and closer to where you want it to be, about 10 minutes, depending on how much butter you’re making. I did 2 pounds. The rolling boil will look more like foam. As you’re getting closer, your kitchen will fill with a wonderful nutty scent.  Love this smell!

butter cooking in a pot to make brown butter recipe blog

Step 3.
Using a spatula, or taking some out of the pot and pouring it on a white plate you will see little brown bits. You’re there.

butter cooking in a pot to make brown butter recipe blog how to make brown butter recipe blog

Step 4.
At the nutty smell and brown butter stage. Remove from the heat immediately and pour into a stainless steal bowl or glass container. Not plastic!! Jesus Christ!!

butter cooking in a pot to make brown butter recipe blog

Tah-Dah…you got brown butter for days to come. As the brown butter cools all the brown bits of tastiness will sink to the bottom, so I like to stir it so all the brown bits are all through the butter. From start to finish it took roughly 15 minutes. Not bad. You can now say you accomplished something and you have brown butter at your disposal.

See you later in the week with one of my favorite brown butter recipes!!

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