Brown Butter and White Chocolate Scones

This is one of my all time favorite brown butter recipes and scone recipes for that matter. Here is how this recipe came about.

I’m sure you have heard me mention that I used to work an overnight gig on the weekends making scones. I had a par to fill and after that I could make anything I wanted. I tried my hardest to get fired by making off the wall flavors. That didn’t work. Then I thought I would name the scones with harsh politically incorrect names. That didn’t work. I started to get the feeling they were getting a kick out of it. Maybe I brightened someones day, who knows?

One of my favorites that I still crank out to this day is the Brown Butter and White Chocolate Scone. It is good and gets lots of compliments. It’s a staple and not going anywhere. It’s one of those fluke recipes that is a winner. I love recipes like that.

I created the brown butter and white chocolate scones actually around the name. I originally wanted to make a scone and call it “I love me some Brown Butter skinned Mexican boys that love their White Chocolate”. I built the scone around the name, made it one night and labeled it as the “I love me some Brown Butter skinned Mexican boys that love their White Chocolate”. I wasn’t sure of the reaction I would receive being that the kitchen was mostly Mexican. I honestly made the scone as a token of love and affection for the Mexican guys but you know how people are nowadays. I wasn’t too worried about the Mexican dudes, they actually were pretty cool. The management was stuck up snobs. I thought for sure someone was going to get offended and I would be fired. Kinda all part of my plan. There was a Mexican guy that cleaned at night that was the only one I ever saw. I took the chance at either getting my ass kicked or a marriage proposal. Hoping that they would feel the real love, I crossed my fingers and sent them on out.

The next day I received a text from the Manager that everyone was raving about the Brown Butter scones. Really?! Of all the scones I made and I had come up with some good ones, this is the only one that I get feedback from? No one was offended?? They loved it?! I was a bit offended that she didn’t refer to it by the real and complete name. Also, I never received feedback or a marriage proposal from any of the Mexican guys. They loved it but not enough for a marriage proposal? Not even an offer to go out for a beer? I’m flattered but a little heartbroken at the same time.

Either way, when I open my own place this will definitely be on the menu. So be sure to stop in!

“Foolish criticism, an honor.
  Foolish praise, a disgrace.”

Brown Butter and White Chocolate Scones

425g        flour
75g          sugar
4g            salt
10g          baking powder
250g       half and half
190g       white chocolate chips
6g           vanilla extract
120g       brown butter

-combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix by hand until a smooth dough forms
-turn dough out on to a floured surface
-pat dough flat to a 1 inch thickness
-using a 2 1/2 inch cutter, you should get 7 scones
-line a sheet pan with parchment paper and lay out your scones
-brush each scone with about a teaspoons worth of the remaining half and half
and sprinkle the scones with another teaspoons worth of sugar
-bake the scones in a 350 degree oven for approximately 25-30 minutes or until golden



IMG_0396 IMG_0408 IMG_0389