The Sanity Bank

a piggy bank jar for journaling and self healing

Something new I’m doing for 2016 is investing in myself. I’ve tried putting money in an IRA or even a savings account but that takes money. Money means putting more time in at work. More time spent at work means depression. Depression leads to more shopping and drinking, which leads to no money to invest. That puts me right back where I started. No money to invest or save.

I believe if I invest more time and energy in myself, things will balance out. That’s why I came up with the Sanity Bank. A bank that I can actually contribute too without having to put more time in at work and pile on the depression. A bank that I can deposit into that will make me stronger and happier. When I think I’m going under, I can go to the Sanity Bank and there is actually something to withdrawal. Happy thoughts and inner peace.

I feel as though I’ve read every self help book out there. I started to talk about Wayne Dyer like I knew him personally. I would put him in conversations like he was my friend. “Well, my friend Wayne said…” Though I’ve read all these books and I think I got it all together. No, far from it. I don’t think any of us do. I think getting yourself together is a start and then you tweak it everyday. Everyday something fresh is thrown at you. You think, “Wow! I knew this guy was a piece of shit but I didn’t even see that coming”. I see it everyday. You do too. It takes everyday to be strong. To look at yourself and say “Don’t lose your shit!”. This is where making deposits in the Sanity Bank will help. But you have to make those deposits! You cannot make the deposits but then expect to make the withdrawal. Is that how real banks work? I wish they did but no.

You have to put these things into practice. You have to make the deposits. When you look at your real bank account or investments and see the stock market plummeting and the economy out of control and war. You’re going to need these sanity deposits so you don’t go nuts. Remember when you could jokingly say that one day you’re going to bring a gun to work and people would laugh? Well, you can’t do that anymore, because people really do. It’s sad and scary. I can name three guys at work that if they joked they were going to bring a gun to work, I would call the cops. One of them it wouldn’t surprise me if he had a gun in his locker already. Life is getting nuttier everyday and it’s imperative that we work on ourselves because it’s only going to get nuttier.

I know there are skeptics out there. These people are everywhere and they are annoying as shit. These are the people that don’t do anything but have a comment for everything. Ignore them and move on. You have to do what’s best for you. Trust me, these deposits will add up. Patience. Did you get paid today and set aside $10,000 out of your check towards your savings? I didn’t think so.

Starting off January of 2016, in my Sanity Bank I’m putting in “What are you thankful for and why?”. The “Why” is a big part of it, so be sure to be specific. Don’t be a half ass prick and say stuff like “My house”. Why your house? What does it do for you? How has it helped you?


“It takes strength to live this way, the same old madness everyday
I wanna kick these blues away, I wanna learn to live again”
Dark Road by Annie Lennox


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