Lying to fat people

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Documentaries are the lazy mans book and I absolutely love them. I could sit on the couch all day and just watch documentaries and I have. I grew up fat, love food and have been in the food industry my whole career so it makes sense my favorite documentaries are about food.

The last documentary I watched was called Fed Up. It’s downright scary when you hear about such carelessness that we have with our food and ourselves. I think the most appalling thing about the sugar epidemic in this country is that we are doing this to ourselves. The major corporations that add sugar on top of sugar in their products and then deny that their product is bad is atrocious.

“The sugar industry is extraordinarily powerful and they’re in business to make money, not to keep America healthy” – Fed Up

Being obese as a child. I am thankful I had a wake up call and started on a crusade, that I am still on, to live a healthy life. As I watch these documentaries, see the commercials and the boxes on the shelves at the grocery store. I do get angry. All these products that tell you they are healthier alternatives. Low in fat. Made with whole grains. OK, great. They are telling you these products are healthier but are they? They are pumped full of sugar.

In the movie Fed Up, there is a young girl who is overweight. Her mother is trying to do the right thing by buying “healthy” cereals, yogurts and the like. She states herself that they are made with whole grains. True, but they are also loaded with sugar. Is this telling a truth to divert you from a harm? This is lying to fat people. You hear fat people all the time say that they don’t understand why they’re not losing weight when they are eating better. What is better? Eating fruit that’s in a cup on a shelf is not better than eating the real thing. Go grab a damn apple or banana at the farmers market and eat the real thing. We push that yogurt is healthy for us and helps to lose weight. Not if it’s loaded with sugar. If a fat person gets discouraged and doesn’t lose weight they go off the wagon and tend to eat more. They give up. Sugar is addicting. Putting sugar in your “healthy” yogurt gets you to eat more.

“If a foreign nation were doing that to our children, we would defend our families” – Fed Up

These big companies are not going to tell you the truth. They are in it to make money, they don’t give a shit about you or your family. Canned soups, salad dressings, gravies, tomato sauces, breads all these have sugar in them. No one, especially a company that needs your money, is going to point out a harm in their product.

It starts with educating ourselves. It’s the only way.