Stupid is the new Smart

mixed media collage art artist artwork blue and silver

I believe that stupid is the new smart. Stupid people don’t realize how down and out things are with the world. They don’t pay attention. They are on autopilot just going through life. They could live under a bridge and they’d say things like , “Yeah but it’s a nice bridge”. Get fired from a job and be totally cool with it. No worries, I’ll find another one. They wander, not wonder.

These people could be the next Tony Robbins but they’re too stupid. Tony Robbins is a genius. He talks out his asshole and smart people pay him thousands of dollars. Stupid people do stupid shit because they’re fearless. Smart people have fear.

Smart people are afraid of what people will think. Ask a stupid person what people think and they’ll say, “Uh, well, why do people care what I do?”. They don’t get it. You don’t see stupid people going to Tony Robbins. It’s all smart people. Leaders and celebrities. Stupid people could never be the next Tony Robbins. They share their advice and they would never think someone would pay them for it. They probably wouldn’t even take the money. For what? Because they told you something that you already knew, you were just too scared to do it? They would look at you like you’re the stupid one.

Stupid people have great hearts too. That’s the beauty of them and it’s an amazing quality. They don’t get mad at other people and it gets hard to be mad at them. They would never do anything out of spite. They’re not malicious or rude.

You could run into Alex and he would be happy as could be and he just broke up with his girlfriend to go live his dream of selling mango’s on the beach in Mexico. His girl is devastated but he doesn’t understand why. He’s going to live in Mexico, on the beach. He’s living his life long dream!! Why isn’t she happy for him? Why is she mad? He asked her to come along with him and she declined. So what’s the problem? She is obviously invited down whenever she wants. She would have a place to stay. Alex doesn’t get it. He’s happy and stupid. You could say he’s happy because he’s stupid. Alex is stress free and healthy.

That’s another beautiful thing, stupid people are happy. They don’t get offended easily, if at all. My Mom has a great friend who made the comment that my Mom is “too stupid to get offended”. Read that again. Isn’t that a beautiful thought? Too stupid to get offended. Especially nowadays everyone gets offended at everything and I mean everything.

I’m sure someone smart is fuming right now over this article. Happy stupid people laugh at offensive stuff because truth is comedy. Slow down with your seriousness. All these stupid people just go, “eh..” and move on. It drives people nuts when stupid people are laid back and don’t have a care in the world. Stupid people are shocked and wonder why you care so much about what they do with their time and money.

Personally, I think it’s a wonderful way to live.


“A beautiful heart can bring things into your life
that all the money in the world couldn’t obtain.”


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