How to be Less Fat – Tip #1

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Everyone has been asking me how I lost all my weight so I decided to give tips here and there as to the things I did and still continue to do that have helped in my weight loss and keep it off.

Here’s a tip for you that I used on my weight loss journey and still use to this day.

When losing weight everybody thinks you’re living on salads. Well, you don’t have too but you should include some greens and vegetables in your daily life. I started eating salads because I did want to lose weight, get healthier and feel better. When I ate my salads, like most people I know, I would drown the salad in dressing. Like most my decisions, fun and made me happy but not the smartest. It’s a dressing, not a sauce. In my mind I thought, how can I eat what I want and still lose weight? Instead of totally cutting things out of my diet, I started reducing. What I started to do is, I would take my Ranch dressing and thin it out with fat free milk. You still got all the Ranch tastiness and you cut down on the calories and fat. I was doing better, not the greatest but I started to lose weight. Thinning out my Ranch dressing was a start but I recently went to the grocery store and read exactly what Ranch dressing is. Take a look at the picture below. How insane is that? The first three ingredients: Water, Oil and Sugar. Just 2 tablespoons is a 130 calories. Come on! We can do better than that.

Recently I’ve been making my dressing from hummus. Today there is an insane amount of hummus on the market. The flavors, using different beans and there is even a carrot sriracha hummus type thing. Life get’s more exciting everyday. A way more healthy alternative to Ranch dressing. I basically do the same thing with my flavored hummus as I did with my Ranch dressing. Except I thin it out with water. Hummus is pureed chick peas or whatever bean depending on the hummus you buy with oil. No need to add extra oil, water will do just fine. If you want to use olive oil or coconut oil to thin out the hummus by all means. It’s still a whole lot healthier alternative than Ranch dressing.

I personally like Eat Well Embrace Life flaovered hummus’. They have a lot more flavor than traditional hummus and you won’t have to buy additional spices and herbs around the house to enhance the flavor. Did you notice the ingredients on the hummus? Big difference from the Ranch dressing huh? Also, Buttermilk Ranch that sits on the shelf at room temperature? The White Bean Hummus from Eat Well Embrace Life has only 60 calories in 2 tablespoons of hummus. Little less than half the calories and no sugar.

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do,
and liking how you do it.”
-Maya Angelou

Hummus Dressing

1/2c or 130g            White Bean Hummus or your favorite hummus
3Tbsp or 31g           Water

-whisk the two together and use as your salad dressing

You can use regular hummus or any flavor to your liking. I just like this line because they have a great flavor and different beans in place of or in addition to chickpeas. Also they are flavored well so like I stated earlier, you won’t have to buy additional herbs and spices.

I hope How to be less Fat – Tip #1 was helpful and gave you some new ideas. Please, let me know.


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