Green Tea Cake with Sweet Cherries and Mascarpone Cream

Green Tea Cake with Sweet Cherries and Mascarpone Cream recipe baking blog dessert pastry

I have a friend Mandy, who is very near and dear to my heart.   I want to put her in my pocket and take her everywhere I go.  She’s smart, talented, hard working, funny and drives a nice car.  I look to her for advice and inspiration, though she sometimes keeps her inspiration to her self and doesn’t invite me on vacations for fear I’ll see ideas before her.  She also owns her own bakery and is doing well.  My Mom always told me, “Surround yourself with successful people.  That way, you’ll always know someone in case you need a job”.

Every once in awhile Mandy will make a trek to New York City and sometimes she even let’s me know she is here.  Not long ago on a recent visit Mandy and I went to have lunch at Morimoto in Chelsea Market.  Well, it turned out to be the best damn lunch I have had in a long time.  I love to grab a bite to eat with Mandy because she is one of the few friends I have that I don’t even open the menu.  I let Mandy do the ordering because well, if I don’t there will be trouble.  She likes to be in charge.   Also, Mandy knows how to order and it’s a nice step outside my comfort zone and I always discover something new.   Sadly for you I can’t remember all that we had.  I do recall a lobster dish with a spicy hollandaise like sauce that was just out of this world.  The sushi?  Jumpin’ Christ is was so fresh and clean.  I still dream about it.  I also remember the presentations being spectacular.  The place itself was an extension of its plates.  Fresh and clean.  I am cutting back on Christmas gifts this year so I can return to Morimoto and give a complete experience and tell you exactly about the dishes.

Though I have never been a huge fan of Asian dessert nor have I been to an Asian restaurant that had an appealing dessert menu.  This is me personally.  Mandy ordered their version of Tiramisu.  The presentation was gorgeous and in a half like bowl thing.  It was a green tea, mascarpone and cherry.  I was a bit skeptic about the whole cherry thing being in there but let me tell you that cherry and green tea with the mascarpone.  Son of a bitch!!  They nailed it.  The flavors were magical.

Here is my spin on the Tiramisu that I had at Morimoto.  It’s cheaper to make than having a meal at Morimoto and you can eat until you want to puke but who cares?  You’ll be at home safe without judgement.

“…the only way to get to know who you truly are
is to fuck up, get angry, lose your mind and find
it again.”
-Leave your Daily Hell

Green Tea Cake

400g         butter
320g         sugar
8               eggs
90g           half and half
13g           matcha green tea powder
400g         cake flour
10g           baking powder
5g              baking soda
generous pinch of salt

-whip eggs and sugar on high until light and pale, about 10 minutes
-melt butter and set aside
-combine all dry ingredients and sift together
-slowly by hand fold in the dry ingredients into egg mixtures
-last, slowly incorporate your butter

Bake in a 9 inch cake pan that’s been sprayed with cooking spray and bake at 350 for 1 hour.  A knife inserted should come out clean.   This also makes 2 – 6 inch cakes if you want to go that route.

Mascarpone Cream

226g          mascarpone
110g          powdered sugar
1pt             heavy cream

-combine all in a mixer and whip until stiff.  Do not over whip!

Since cherries aren’t in season I had to by a bag of frozen cherries.  I put them in a colander and set them over a bowl to let them thaw and drain.  Yes, my intention was to make this cake when cherries were in season and I will next year.  I’ll be damned if procrastination along with my disorganization doesn’t always ruin my plans.

Build your cake!!
Slice your cake into four layers…. layer on some mascarpone cream and a mush the cherries flat before layering onto the cake..repeat and keep layering… I really need to tell you how to layer a cake?  God, I hope not.

Enjoy and I’ll speak to you later this week…I’m going to try my best anyway!


Green Tea Cake with Sweet Cherries and Mascarpone Cream recipe baking blog dessert pastry Green Tea Cake with Sweet Cherries and Mascarpone Cream recipe baking blog dessert pastry Green Tea Cake with Sweet Cherries and Mascarpone Cream recipe baking blog dessert pastry