Trying to lose weight? Baby steps will get you there

little baby feet

When you’re fat it’s not like your running or even walking fast to get anywhere.  Why are you in such a hurry to lose weight?  You didn’t get fat overnight, you’re not going to lose weight overnight.  You’re just not.  So let’s take baby steps.  It’s like a relationship.  If you start out fast it will end fast.  All mine have.  So take it slow and make baby steps.

I’ve seen so many people I know give up on their diets because they didn’t lose like 5 pounds in a week.  Maybe you’ll lose a pound here and there.  Some weeks you won’t lose anything.  Your body is going through a tough time.  You’re eating better and working out.  Of course it’s going to be upset.  It wants to eat fast food, fried foods and sugary crap like you have been.  It’s going to give you some resistance.  Instead of telling yourself that you’re on a diet commit to yourself that you’re getting healthy.  Diet implies restriction.

Here’s how a story about my fatness issue and how I started on a mission to get less fat.

I used to work a job at a drugstore back in Ohio while I was in high school.  I would get out of school at 2:10, start work at 3 and worked until 11:30 at night.  Child labor laws? Ha!  I needed money for Burger King.  When I got out of work I stopped at Burger King, every single night.  I got the Whopper value meal with a Coke.  They didn’t have Pepsi.  I would have a Whopper with cheese, large fries and a large Coke when I got home and go right to bed.  It’s just plain stupid.  Delicious and satisfying but stupid.  Not only that, while I was at work I would down two Pepsi’s on my 15 minute break.  Again, delicious and satisfying but stupid.

Let’s all be honest and tell ourselves that we know we are not going to give up the things we love.  If masturbation killed, three quarters the planet would be gone because we wouldn’t stop.  We refuse to give up the things we love.  I knew I wasn’t going to give up Burger King but I knew I could make sacrifices.  I’m not giving up Pepsi, but I can cut down.  This is where and how it all began for me with my weight loss.  I would still stop at Burger King on my way home from work and order the Whopper value meal.   Then I started making small changes.  I started ordering the Whopper junior value meal.  Doesn’t sound like a big deal but it made a difference.  Then I started ordering a water instead of a Coke.  Still doesn’t sound like much but it made a difference.  Eventually I was down to a junior Whopper with no cheese, no fries and a water.  I was losing weight little by little believe it or not.  At work, in a 15 minute break I was having just one Pepsi instead of two.  If I worked a full day I would get two 15 minute breaks.  That’s two Pepsi’s a break, four Pepsi’s a day, five days a week.  I was drinking 20 Pepsi’s a week.  That’s just while at work, not counting what I drank at home, school or with my fast food.

I want to say eating healthy not dieting because that’s what we’re doing.  When you’re young you feel invincible.  You can carry the extra weight.  You are strong and young but not forever.  Your knees are going to feel that extra weight.  So is your back.  Your heart, lungs and liver and all that good stuff.

We all know that we’re not going to give up the things we love.  Though we do have to cut back.  Do I want Eggs Benedict for breakfast everyday, China Buffet for lunch, sugary caramel coffee drink for a snack and burgers and fries with wings for an appetizer for dinner?  Yes….yes I do.  I can’t though.  As one who used to eat like that and now has gone healthier I can tell you that you will notice such a difference in how you feel when you eat healthy.  Don’t be like my mom and drink one cup of green tea and say “It didn’t work”.

It will take time, that’s why we’re taking baby steps.

Baby feet model is the up and coming Cecilia who will one day take the world by storm.  A big thanks to Taggart and Sandra.

“The real pride, the real present, is your health and your longevity. My whole career, I have never done anything where competition was involved with weight loss.”
Richard Simmons

I’ve always loved this silly bitch…I don’t know why?


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