Triple Sec in your baking

bottle of triple sec for baking and extract for drinks too

I think I may have mentioned how I like to use alcohol for baking or was it for coping?  My memory is sad.  Either I forget all together or I tell the same story a million times.  Yes though, I do love to use alcohol in a lot of my baking.  Of course, vanilla is an amazing thing and I still use it quite often but I love using alcohol for a different little…”Hey, what is that that I’m getting?”.  Which is one of my favorite things to do to people.
“Do you taste the licorice?” I ask.
“Yup, yup..that’s it!  I was wondering what that was?”.
There’s no licorice in there asshole!  These are the people that watch Fox news and believe everything they’re told.

Anyhooter, so what I did was take a bottle of triple sec and added a couple things here and there.  Now I use it for baking and down the road I want to experiment with cocktails.  Which is an interesting thing because I read that pastry people love to experiment with new cocktail flavors.  Huh, I guess stereotypes do exist?  I’ll be damned!  Is that considered a stereotype?

I use the flavored triple sec for a lot of things.  I recently ran through some old recipes and was using my triple sec and got some lovely results.   If you haven’t made the Honey Walnut Bread yet, you might want to put a splash of the triple sec in there in place of the vanilla.  It’s a nice little addition I think.  The triple sec with it’s anise and vanilla are a great little addition if you happen to be baking with brown sugar, ginger or honey.  Have I mentioned I love honey?  Probably.  Damn this aging thing.

“Art is a birth, and you can’t go to a teacher
and find out how to be born.  You have to struggle.
Until that image, the one that comes out of your
need to create, emerges”
-Malcah Zeldis 1978

Triple Sec

1                       Liter bottle of Triple Sec
1                       vanilla bean, split
1                       star anise

-place all in the triple sec bottle and let sit for one week.
-I removed the star anise after a week so it would not dominate the triple sec and vanilla flavor
-use in place of your vanilla extract or as you wish

If there are any bartenders that may have some ideas for cocktails I would love to hear them!!

bottle of triple sec for baking with vanilla as an extract