Modelo and Lime Floats

The last days of summer are here, which means the first days of depression are right around the corner for me.  I was walking to work the other day at 3:30 in the afternoon when it hit me.  It’s starting to get darker earlier already.  This is just wrong.  I’m sorry….no, actually no, I’m not sorry.  You people that love your fall and winter crap get like eight months of it and us summer lovers get a lousy three months.  It should be equal and fair.  Six months of winter for you weirdos and six months of summer for us fun people.  Personally, I think the government purposely doesn’t make it fair so we’ll fight and not get along.  Think about it.

I can’t fight it so I just enjoy it while I can.  I thoroughly enjoy an ice cold beer in the summer.  Nothing beats it.  Well, maybe an ice cold beer and a cigarette.  But then I got those people on my ass and rolling their eyes when I light up and I just can’t deal with people anymore.  Sitting on the porch (Ohio residents only), on a picnic, at the beach or after a long day an ice cold beer hits the spot.  Lately, I’ve really been into Modelo.  Pacifico is also a good one.  Naturally, you’re going to reach for a Mexican beer if you’re going to cram a lime in it.  I guess you could put a lime in any beer but then it makes it a Mexican beer, I would think, so why not just start out with a Mexican beer.  To all you Corona lovers, yeah it’s good but there is other beer.  Enlighten yourselves.

The lime icey makes this a little sweet.  I myself like to dump Cholula hot sauce generously in my Modelo and Lime float.  I’m not saying Tabasco is bad, but Cholula has much more flavor and heat that perks things up much better without a vinegary taste.  Cholula for the Modelo and Lime float is the way to go.

I hope you enjoy your Modelo and Lime float on the front porch while you make angry faces and flip off the neighbors as they decorate for Christmas already.  Dicks.

“First drafts don’t have to be perfect.
They just have to be written”

Lime Sorbet

3c          fresh lime juice
1c          sugar

-combine and stir to make sure all the sugar is dissolved.  Sit over night in the fridge.
-spin in your ice cream maker the next day

What you’ll do:

1. Place your beer glasses in the freezer.
2. When you’re ready, remove your beer mugs from the freezer.
3. Shake a generous amount of Cholula hot sauce down the sides of your beer mug
4. Spoon in some lime sorbet
5. Top off with beer
6. Go outside and be happy or angry, depending on who your neighbor is.  Mines an asshole.


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