Lemon Yogurt Curd

This recipe is a variation of the Lime Mascarpone Tarts that I made a while back that were quite spectacular if I do say so myself. 

I made the Lemon Yogurt Curd because I wanted something a little bit lighter and summery.  Though summer is quickly coming to an end you wouldn’t know it with the insane temperatures and humidity.  Also, there are no eggs in this curd if you’re vegetarian, so that comes in quite handy if you’re “that” person.  This curd is not cooked for those that are lazy.  It’s only three ingredients for those that are cheap bastards.  So you have absolutely no reason not to make this recipe.

Recipes like the Lemon Yogurt Curd are the type of recipes we all love.  It’s quick, easy, cheap and taste delicious.  Effortless and beautiful and we come out looking like stars.  All your friends will be delighted and when you tell them how easy and cheap it was to make it, they’ll all talk shit behind your back.  Things like, “I’m not surprised”, “cheap bitch”,  “My God, she’s lazier than I thought”, “I guess it’s better than the potato chips she usually brings”.

The Lemon Yogurt Curd brightens a brunch buffet, gives a zing to vanilla ice cream or is great as a topper to your french toast.  Pour it in mason jars like I did and give it away at your brunch.  Don’t ask for the mason jar back though or you really are a cheap bitch.  I topped my Lemon Yogurt Curd with my Gooseberry Jam recipe.  The jam is sweet and full of vanilla.  It really cuts into the sour of the lemon curd.  I love it!


“Being happy is a very personal thing
  and it really has nothing to do with
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Lemon Yogurt Curd

1                   container of Siggis 5.3oz/150g plain yogurt
150g            condensed milk
90g              fresh lemon juice (about 4 lemons)

-place all ingredients into one bowl and whisk together until smooth
-pour into whatever jar or bowl or however you would like to serve it
-refrigerate for at least 4 hours

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