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Exploring Governors Island in New York City. An all too overlooked destination when visiting New York.

governors island must see tourist spot when in New York

One place I have heard so much about, especially in the summer here in New York is Governors Island.  For some reason to me it felt as though it was a day trip.  Not even close but it does feel like you took a road trip out of the city.  I am totally in love with the island. 

The ferry leaves from right next door to where the Staten Island Ferry takes off and it only costs $2 round trip.  It takes about five minutes to cross from Manhattan to Governors Island.  Yet when you get there, you feel like you took a car trip or a boat trip out of the city.  I felt as though I was in some colonial town.  I guess you kinda are.

We saw so many people on the ferry with their bikes and coolers.  Myself and Gilberto are not much for planning.  We’re more the let’s-go-and-we’ll-figure-it-out-when-we-get-there kinda people.  Now we know for next time.  We did however stumble upon a bike rental place.  Which was cool because they had those two seater bikes that look like a car.  There is an actual legit name for them that I don’t remember nor care.  We rode the bike around the island for about an hour and got a feel for the place.  It’s not nearly as big as I thought.  Rent the bike for a half hour, see everything real quick and then walk back to where you want to spend your time.

I loved how it felt like you were so far away from the city.  It seemed like I was back in Ohio, except there was no Outback.  The view of lower Manhattan alone is worth the $2 trip.  There is quite a bit of history on the island which I never bothered to look up.  Why?  Because I like to actually leave the house and the computer and see the real world.  Yes, I’m old.  There is a lot of history on the island that I loved learning about and it’s kinda nice to see some of history still intact as opposed to knocking it down for some new glass high rise.

We do this for Tourist Tuesday’s because that happens to be our day off, yet there is so much more going on if you go on the weekends.  The whole world runs on 9 to 5, Monday through Friday and if you don’t work in an office, you’re a loser and don’t count, just like us.   If you were to go on the weekends that means you have a job that supposedly makes a difference in the world and you would find cool local artists selling their beautiful artwork.   They are building up the back part of the island for educational purposes and there are some ball fields as well.  On the weekends you’ll also find more food options and shopping.

One of my favorite parts is the large field with giant sculptures from local artist.  We know for next time to bring a blanket and a cooler to lay in the grass and hang out in the sun.  Catch some views of Manhattan, helicopters buzzing above and just relax.

If you have the extra day while in New York make Governors Island a stop.  It really is beautiful cool place full of history and of course my favorite, the art.  It’s a great place to just getaway and not hear the horns honking, ambulances blaring and that bitch Julie from accounting going on about work because she has no life.  Ugh…

Check out the links for some cool events and the history of Governors Island so you can plan a little better than us.


“Avoid your travel agent like he was the cops
and go out to find out about the world by yourself”
-Ed Buryn

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