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Tourist Tuesday with G and g

We originally thought it was going to rain because New York has THE worst weather reporting of any city I’ve ever experienced. I think they get their weather reports from the psychic hotline. So we thought we were going to the movies but it turned out to be a nice day.

After sitting in the theater and fighting over what to see since the theater is way over priced and the movie selection sucks so bad we took a walk. Walking and fighting instead of sitting and fighting, 90% of our day is us staring at each other because we can’t make decisions to save our lives, we passed a place called Bibble & Sip. My friends that live in St. Louis are actually the ones that told me about this place. We popped in and got a green tea cream puff and what they call an alpaca bar. My hat goes off to you Bibble & Sip for filling a cream puff the way it’s supposed to be. When I bit into the cream puff it was an explosion. It was a cream puff the size of your fist and every nook and cranny of the cream puff had the green tea cream. Also, the green tea was perfect. A lot of places over do it with green tea and don’t use it right. Not at Bibble & Sip. The alpaca bar looks like it’s going to be super sweet. No, it had a lot of good and different flavors going on without being just an icky sweet sugar bar. Well done Bibble & Sip….well done.

We meandered down because I wanted to go to Lady M by Bryant Park. On our way there we came across this place called Simit Sarayi. At first, we just went “that’s new”, until we saw the fine print that said “Bakery”. Well then… Come to find out it’s a Turkish bakery that is pretty popular throughout Turkey and Europe and this is their first bakery in the United States. The simit is similar to the bagel except it’s not boiled first and it’s skinnier. Welcome to America Simit! Now get comfortable with American culture and fatten up like the bagel. You’re in American now, we like to over eat so the insurance company will pay for our weight loss surgery. The simit has a crunchy exterior with a soft and delicious interior. Similar to a bagel they are used to make sandwiches or just a cup of coffee and butter or jam. We grabbed a couple cookies on the counter that looked pretty good as well. A chocolate Nutella and a fig. The Nutella cookie was like an ultra dark chocolate. Just one with a cup of coffee would suffice. The fig cookie was a little sweeter and you could eat by the handfuls.

We finally made it to Lady M, so we stopped in and were treated like we don’t have money and aren’t worthy to be in there. I think it’s there thing, like the whole novelty of the place. I’m not sure. I do know that this place is always consistent and delicious. Most places that get popular, cash in and let the quality go to hell. Not Lady M, maybe that’s why they can have the attitude, because they earned it? Possibly. Anyway, we were gawking in the window at the crepe cake that they are famous for when some guy approached us and told us to go in and get the last slice of chestnut cake. Not one for ignoring someone when they say a cake is good, we bolted in demanding the last slice before anyone else beat us to it. Our lone stranger friend was right. The chestnut cake was divine. It wasn’t overly sweet and the textures were like a goddamn symphony through my mouth. We also ordered the cheesecake and it was good as well, but it’s cheesecake and it’s not hard to find good cheesecake here in New York. The thing I like most about Lady M is everything is served at the proper temperature. When you get a pastry somewhere and it’s from a cooler case. Don’t eat it right away. Let it come to room temperature. Lady M’s pastries are the perfect temperature. They are served at just the right temperature for eating immediately. I guess in their minds this justifies their cockiness.

Go and explore because you never know.

G and g


“Life is of the heart.
Life can only grow through the heart.
All that is beautiful, all that is really
valuable, all that is meaningful, significant,
comes through the heart.”


Green Tea Cream Puff from Bibble & Sip, filled to the gills like it should be.


Cheesecake and Chestnut Cake from Lady M.


Simit’s from Simit Sarayi


Chocolate Nutella and Fig cookies.