Let’s wait until something bad happens

Let’s wait until the fire reaches the valuables and then we’ll call the fire department.  This seems like everyone’s thinking nowadays.  I thought we were supposed to be responsible?  When did responsibility not become our responsibility?   Be proactive as they say.

This whole thing about this guy killing the lion has me confused.  This dentist guy has been doing this for how long?  He has pictures with a dead leopard and a rhinoceros.  He is a known Trophy Hunter, whatever that means.  He recently killed a lion that you liked and now all of a sudden he’s a horrible person and you people are sending him death threats?  Knock it off!  Where were you when he killed the rhino?  The leopard doesn’t have a name and a collar, so let’s kill it!!  No one will care.  I know you’re endangered rhino but you’re no lion, sorry.  Why had we not took ownership of this earlier and put a stop to it?  Instead of taking responsibility let’s make the doctor the bad guy now.  Sure.  Why not?  Takes the responsibility off us.  You can kill the stray dogs but Sparky in the guys back yard over there is off limits.  Go have fun!

I don’t understand all this.  I think Trophy Hunting is bizarre.  I don’t understand it.  I do understand money.  Trophy Hunting is a big business for these countries.  It brings in millions.

“Check out that Rhino over there!  Isn’t she beautiful!”
“Wow….lets kill it?”
“What?!   Why the hell would you want to kill her?”
“For fun…you know, kinda like a sport.”
“Are you crazy?!”
“I’ll give you $300,000.”
“I also rent rifles.”

Then some guy kills a lion that you liked and he ruined it for everyone.   Actually he didn’t ruin it.  The killings will go on just not legally.  You know why?  Because it makes millions.  The hunting and killing of the animals for their fur or tusk or whatever the animal has, that rich people need to display to their friends just how much money they have.  Sadly for this doctor he killed the wrong lion, now you want to hang his ass.  Instead of saying “Hey this guy is killing rhinos, we should really put a stop to this”.   “No, I say we let him keep killing and giving us tons of money and when he kills someone we actually like, we’ll pin it on him as the bad guy”!  I don’t know if these guys knew this lion had a collar and was protected.  They say they didn’t and we’ll never know the truth.  Quite possibly after they killed the lion and started to saw it’s head off that they noticed the dog bone collar he was wearing that said Cecil and went, “Oh shit”.

Nobody went after Africa and said “Hey, why are you letting people into your country to kill these animals?”  or did you say “Hey Africa, I don’t mind if you let people kill some animals, I mean the giraffes kinda blocking everyone’s view anyway but can you keep an eye on Cecil, he’s so adorable.”