How can you tell if your house is haunted?

My new favorite TV show is “A Haunting”.  I don’t recall which channel it’s on nor do I care.  All I know is my cable box is recording it for me.   I watch this show during the day because I’m too scared to watch it at night.  When I watch the show and weird stuff happens or you see a ghost standing behind the person, I get goosebumps.  I get such a chill and a feeling that someone is in the room with me.  I’m a very intuitive person.

I feel that someone or something is in my house.   I haven’t had anyone lash out at me or do anything but I could tell you some crazy dreams that have woken me up and when I wake up, I’m scared.  I feel someone is in the room.  I talked it over with myself and we came to conclusion that it’s totally possible my house could be haunted.  All the weird feelings, goosebumps and waking up from some bizarre dreams.  If I get the feeling that someone is here, but why aren’t they communicating with me?

When I had come to the conclusion that someone or something is in my house, yet not bothering to communicate with me, my first thought was, maybe they didn’t like me.  That’s why they won’t make their presence known.   If they didn’t like me though, wouldn’t they want me out?  Wouldn’t they be knocking stuff off the shelves or messing with me while I sleep, because you know that’s when they love to mess with people.  If they really wanted to hurt me and get me out, they would make their presence known and then ignore me.  I would keep asking them why they are here and what they wanted.  When I wouldn’t get a response, that would get under my skin because then I would think they didn’t like me.  Instead of them coming into a room to scare me, what if  I walked into a room and see them and they walked out rolling their eyes?  I would have to move the next day.  In tears.  Feeling like an unwanted loser.  Self esteem ruined.  Why wouldn’t they like me?  I’m a nice guy.   Imagine me trying to explain to my therapist that I’m depressed because the ghosts in my house don’t like me.  It would be ugly.

Then I thought, what if they are afraid of me?  I’m always talking to myself, constantly.  Seriously, its embarrassing. The ghosts in my house are quite possibly scared because they are probably wondering who the hell I’m talking to that even they can’t see.  The ghosts could be scared that I’m nuts and if they provoke me, they’ll have trouble in their house.   Nobody wants to live with a crazy person.  Ask my Dad.

My last thought and most believable was they keep quiet so I won’t talk to them.  They would fear that I would be talking nonstop and I would be the one disturbing them.  The one ghost probably wanted to harm me and the other one grabbed their arm and shook his head ‘No’.  “If he knows we’re here, he’ll never shut up”.   Instead of them keeping me up at night I would come home from work through the front door and be like, “Guys I’m home!!”.  They would probably be like “Awww, shit!”.  I would just start running off at the mouth talking about what happened in the city, who I saw, what they thought about a particular friend and many other random things that pop into my head.  I would also feel that I couldn’t go out at night with friends and leave them home alone.

I need to get to the bottom of this.  If I’m having these feelings that there is a presence, yet why isn’t there some kind of contact?  Are they trying to tell me something?  Don’t most entities appear for a reason? Any ghost hunters out there that could shed light on this, I would greatly appreciate it.   I’ve had some real wicked dreams that have woken me up and scared the life out of me.  We can talk about that when we come to it.  Get a hold of me ghost hunter people.  I got questions.


“Love is how you stay alive, even after you are gone.”
― Mitch Albom