Champagne Sabayon with Fresh Fruit

My first encounter with sabayon was when I was a young chubby, and by chubby I mean fat, kid just starting out in my culinary adventure. I was at The Andersons store with my Mom and Nana when I was hanging out at the magazines reading all the cooking magazines. I was fat and didn’t play sports. Food was and still is my thing. When I came across an article for the sabayon. I was so young I had never seen anything like it. It looked so rich, decadent and just absolutely beautiful. Nana bought the Marsala wine for me, I purchased a flat of eggs and we were headed for greatness.

When I got home I studied the article, had it all set in my mind and started the process. The results were just like the magazine. The color, consistency, the light airy look. It was beautiful. All proud of my accomplishment I rushed a bowl of the sabayon down to Nana. We sat at the kitchen table all proud of myself and I told Nana how happy I was that it turned out perfectly. Nana grabbed a spoon and took a big bite. With a look of hesitation and not quite sure if she should, she went back for more. The next spoon wasn’t quite as full as the last. She smacked her lips together as if really trying to figure out the taste. Then set the spoon down and slowly pushed away the bowl.

“Is it supposed to taste like that?” Nana asked.
“Do you like it?” I asked.
“No” she replied. “In fact, if I eat anymore, I think I’ll puke.”

Funniest woman ever. I love that old lady and miss the hell out of her!! I do have to say I’m not a big fan of the Marsala version myself. Zabaglione is the Italian version of the sabayon which is traditionally made with Marsala wine. Sabayon is done with champagne or a sweet wine. If I die, when I get to heaven I will make this champagne sabayon for Nana instead. I’m sure she will like it a whole lot more. Nana was one classy lady!

I love champagne, just like most people with good taste and great looks do. When you have your champagne on hand, as you always should, you can whip up a sabayon for a summer party. It’s fast and easy! I like the soft fluffiness of the champagne sabayon. It’s light and not too sweet. I think fruit desserts should get their sweetness from the fruit. I want to taste the fruit not an overly sweet ice cream or sauce or whatever. The champagne sabayon is just that. If you’re using a sweet wine instead of champagne you can reduce the sugar a bit. If you’re using your favorite champagne that tends to be less sweet or dry, you might want to increase your sugar.

I was researching titles for the book I’m writing and came across this quote that I thought was hilarious…enjoy.

“Life is like a buffet, it’s not good
but there’s plenty of it.”

Happy Summer!!


Champagne Sabayon

7                              yolks
1c/225g                  champagne
1/4c/60g                sugar
2Tbsp/18g             orange juice (no pulp)

-in a large mixing bowl combine all the ingredients and place over a pot of simmering water
-do not let the mixing bowl touch the simmering water
-whisk for about 4 minutes
-once the mixture has doubled in volume and become light and foamy remove from heat.
-I pour the mix out of the bowl into another bowl to prevent it from cooking further
-if you cook too much your eggs will scramble and you’ll have champagne scrambled eggs….yum!


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