Cappuccino Pots de Creme

If I haven’t already alerted you to my coffee obsession here is your intro. I recently went to the doctor for my annual physical and when she asked me how much coffee I drank, I received a shocked face. Actually verbalizing the amount of coffee that I take in on the daily kinda shocked myself. I never heard myself talk about my coffee problem. My intake is pretty high, I’m not going to lie. Taking down an 8 cup pot a coffee before I leave for work and then grabbing a cup at the deli for my commute to work does seem a bit high. Maybe I won’t stop by the deli on my way to work anymore. Save money. It’s a start.

The more I thought about it, the cappuccino pots de creme just seemed like an excuse for me to get in another serving of coffee. It’s possible.

There isn’t a lot of sugar in this recipe which I like, so you really get a good coffee flavor. I recommend that you use a good quality coffee, you want something bold, it will really make a difference. Go to your local coffee shop or local market and find someone who roasts locally. The whip cream on top is whipped to a soft peak and has no sugar. Just a dust of cinnamon and you’re ready to go.

The cappuccino pots de creme makes a great dessert of course but it’s also great for a Sunday morning or a brunch item. Everyone loves brunch. Am I right?


“Everything is temporary:
Emotions, Thoughts, People, Scenery
Do not become attached
just flow with it”


Espresso Pots de Creme

930g        heavy cream (1 quart)
105g         coffee beans crushed

-combine in a sauce pan and bring to a boil
-turn off heat, set aside and let coffee steep 30 minutes
-strain and you should get 725g of the coffee flavored cream

725g         coffee cream
140g         sugar
3               eggs
2               yolks

-add the sugar to the still warm coffee cream
-slowly add the cream mixture to the eggs using a spoon
(don’t use a whisk because it creates a foam on top)

Bake at 250 degrees for 15-30 minutes, depending on how hot your cream mixture was when you started.
Makes 9 – 4oz ramekins

IMG_6056 IMG_6064