Blueberry Orange Quick Bread

I’m in love with quick breads. Everyone always thinks banana bread when you say quick bread but there is so much you can do with quick breads. They are my breakfast downfall. I love walking down a brunch line and coming across a quick bread. They’re not common maybe this is why. You have every other damn bread on the brunch line. Why not a quick bread?

A muffin is a breakfast cupcake and a quick bread is like a dense cake that we threw fruit in. Yet you can’t call it a fruit cake though because then no one would eat it. I’ll just call it a quick bread because I was too damn lazy to take all that time with the yeast and the rising stuff. I’ll just bake it in a loaf pan and call it bread that way I can serve it for breakfast. No one will be the wiser. We look for ways to be able to have sweets all day. This is how excuses and obesity started. “I had bananas and blueberries for breakfast. I don’t know where these extra pounds came from?”. Well, the fruit was in muffins and quick bread tubby. We even take something healthy things like zucchini and put it in a quick bread. Which by the way is absolutely delicious. Have you had fried zucchini? Even better. Fried zucchini bread. What!?

So here is my recipe for Blueberry Orange Quick Bread. I used my White Chocolate Orange Butter in my Blueberry Quick Bread recipe. You want me to say this isn’t necessary but that’s where you get your orange and vanilla flavor. Make the White Chocolate Orange Butter and then make the bread. Plus you will have extra butter to slather on your bread when it comes out of the oven.  For the yogurt, I do suggest not using the strained Greek style that’s all the rage right now.  If that’s all you have then use 300g yogurt and 100g water.

Blueberry Orange Quick Bread

Makes 2 – 9×5 loaf pans

400g                flour
400g                yogurt
200g                eggs (that’s 4 eggs)
200g                White Chocolate Orange Butter
200g                sugar
6g                     baking powder
12g                   baking soda
1pint                fresh blueberries

-cream together the White Chocolate Orange Butter and the sugar until light and fluffy
-add your eggs and yogurt and mix until smooth, it may look separated and that’s OK
-add your flour, baking soda and baking powder and mix on medium until you get a smooth batter, do not over mix!
-pour into your greased loaf pans and bake about 1 hour at 325 degrees. A knife inserted into the bread should come out clean

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