Baileys Pots de Creme

As I’ve mentioned in the past my Assistant Gilberto thinks I’m a raging alcoholic. Once he caught me putting a lot of Baileys in my coffee so he took it upon himself to deliver to my house a case of Baileys. Perhaps next time I’ll let him catch me putting money in the ATM. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever had money to put in the ATM? Anyway, this guy really wants to keep his job here for reasons I can only guess. The pay is horrible, zero health benefits and I’m not the nicest boss.

With all this Baileys, a little time on my hands and just a slow day I thought I would crank out some Baileys Pots de Creme and make myself a hero.

On a hot summer day, I love an ice coffee with some Baileys. It doesn’t stop with coffee though. I have learned through trial and error that there are quite a bit of flavors that go with Baileys. In your own world, there is no wrong or right. Or is it right or wrong….see. If you’re going to make a profession of food, well then, there is a sell or fail. So hopefully you have some kind of palate. I think you should make this Baileys Pots de Creme and start experimenting with flavors yourself. You gotta start somewhere!

“If you want a dream that leads to Heaven,
plant the seeds that grow.”

Baileys Pots de Creme

460g Heavy Cream
350g Baileys
250g Dulce de Leche
200g Eggs (that’s 4 eggs)

-Cook the heavy cream, Baileys and Dulce de Leche over a medium to low heat. You want to dissolve the Dulce de Leche
you don’t want the thing to come to a boil or even a simmer.
-Slowly pour the warm, I said warm, mixture over your eggs. Mix with a spatula or large spoon. Don’t use a whisk!
-Once the eggs are completely incorporated pour into your 4oz ramekins
-Bake at 300 degrees for 10-15 minutes. They should be a bit jiggly like Jell-O. Refrigerate overnight, preferably.

I really do hope you give these a try. I think Baileys is an awesome flavor and a great enhancer to a lot of things. I have like three new ideas just while writing this to go with my Baileys fascination. Let me know what you came up with.

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