White Chocolate Orange Butter

I think compound butters are a bit old school but another part of me thinks they are pretty genius.  What do you do to make something taste better?  Add butter, maybe some herbs, a little salt and pepper.  What’s compound butter?  All these things.  It’s like you could have a roll of compound butter in your purse or bag and pull it out at any dinner party to enhance any boring dish at a friends party.  This may offend them but who cares.  You have to look out for yourself.  Instead of ketchup packets what if there were compound butter packets?

Note to self:   Write a letter to Chick-fil-A about compound butter packets.

I thought a compound butter for the pastry side was a pretty cool idea.  Since I’m not a huge fan of jelly’s or jams or even know what the difference between the two is, so why not a flavored butter to spread on your toast or croissant?

Note to self:  Google it to find out what is the difference between Jams and Jellies.

Jams or jellies don’t have that creamy dreamy feel to them like butter, so they kind of limit you and kind of define you.  Dave’s a Strawberry Jam guy.  Who wants to be labeled?  When you go to breakfast you got Dave looking for Strawberry Jam and another schmuck looking for Blackberry.  Dave only eats Strawberry jam and won’t shut the hell up until he gets it or his whole day is ruined.  Pretty soon you’re asking the table next to you what they have or you’re running around the diner looking for your favorite jam.

I like the flavored butter idea best.  It has all those different flavors going on and like I said earlier it has that creamy dreamy feel of BUTTER!  You just can’t go wrong.

White Chocolate Orange Butter

454g               Unsalted  Butter
300g               White Chocolate
20g                 Grand Marnier
1                     Vanilla Bean, split and scraped
1                     Orange Zest
1                     Lemon Zest

-In a mixing bowl with the paddle attachment combine the Butter and Vanilla Bean
-cream on medium speed until butter is smooth and creamy
-melt the white chocolate and pour into butter
-turn mixer back on with white chocolate and butter and mix until nice and smooth
-last, add your lemon and orange zest followed by the Grand Marnier
-mix until combined and smooth

You can pour the butter right into an old I Can’t Believe It’s not Butter container or be all fancy and roll it up in some plastic wrap and try and fool your friends that you’re awesome.  Either way it will taste the same.  I use this butter on everything.  A Poppy seed bagel, croissants, French Toast and on and on.  It’s also great on some grilled chicken.

“Take what you love and make it the way you live your life,
and that way, you bring love into the world.”
-Bill Murray

Because we all know this world is in some serious need of love.


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