Sweet Arepa’s with Yogurt and Fresh Fruit

Arepas with fruit

Recently I have been on an arepa kick that has almost become ridiculous.  It came out of the sky and was just there and it’s been going strong ever since.   Recently to my recently I discovered sweet arepa’s and life hasn’t been the same. 

I have arepa’s in the house in case of an emergency.  Whenever I’m not sure what to eat or I’m just bored I’m like, “Hey, let’s have some arepa’s”.   Arepa’s go with just about anything and can be used in a million different ways which I will be demonstrating in the coming months.  My dear friend Summer introduced me to a little restaurant in the village that’s all arepa’s.   They make like sandwiches with them that are absolutely, no lie, killer.  If you’re in New York, let me know and we’ll head on down there.  I’ll buy some appetizers, you just go back to Canada and tell all your friends about the place.  Keep your eyes and feet planted on this site and I will fill you in.

IMG_2272I have seen the sweet arepa’s in the grocery store but for some reason I’ve always passed them by.  I just had this thing in my head that was telling me, “Don’t do it Gus!  They’re just taking arepas and ruining them to get you to spend more money you don’t have”.   As usual, the voice in my head lost to my gut feeling and plain curiosity.  Which isn’t always a bad thing.  I had a vision one day of sweet arepa’s with fruit and honey.  I don’t know where it came from but one thing I’ve learned is that I don’t fight it when I have visions.  Especially sober visions, those really mean something, I go with them.

These little ditties are awesome for breakfast, yet they also inspire me for a dessert.  All in time.  For now though, I like my arepa’s cooked right on the fire.  It gives them a nice little crunch with their soft interior.  The trick for the sweet arepas is to keep the fire low because a dark char on the sweet arepas isn’t appetizing, at all.  Keep the fire low and let them get a nice crisp even warmth.  The yogurt adds a nice cooling comfort with the warm arepa.  The fruit of course, I mean, it’s fruit.  What’s not to love?  It’s healthy, it’s pretty and it’s pretty delicious.  I drizzled honey on top because I have a sweet tooth and I think honey is just downright sexy.

I hope you are able to find arepa’s in your part of the world, wherever you are.  They are a fantastic little love of mine and I’m sure you will fall in love with them as well.  One day I will learn how to make them.  I suppose I could ask the Columbian dude John I work with to show me but that guys a real piece of work.  Write me and I’ll tell you some stuff.

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning and I just finished my sweet arepa for breakfast as I wrote this.   Now I’m off to enjoy the sun and Farmer’s Market here in Long Island City.  Maybe I’ll see you there.  We’ll share some Korean food.

Hope your week starts off just as beautiful.

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A crisp arepa with a dense sweet like pancake inside.


Low and slow right on the fire gives it the nice crisp outside. Be careful not to char the arepa.


Have you tried Siggi’s yogurt? It’s my new favorite. They’re not too sweet and not too thick like Greek yogurt.


The sweet arepa. Here in New York they’re like $3.50 for a package of 3.