Gooseberry Jam

Gooseberry Jam

It wasn’t until I moved to Florida and I was at my orientation for my new job that I encountered Gooseberries.  When we had our break during orientation I bee lined it for the dessert cart and picked up these little mini panna cotta’s with an interesting golden tiny tomato looking thing.  I thought being in culinary I should have known what they were so I didn’t ask.  I figured it was best to get my 90 days in before I looked like a fool.  Luckily some girl raised one up and asked our director if they were Gooseberries.  Confirmed, noted and a tad excited that I learned something new.

IMG_2444_2While working in Florida, the only thing we used the Gooseberries for were garnish.  I thought this was silly and me being my curious self thought that there had to be something more they could be used for.  I read in an old cook book about a Gooseberry ice cream.  That ice cream became my new favorite flavor and made my wonder why Ben and Jerry’s hadn’t jumped on the idea yet.  It sounded like a crazy and interesting flavor that only Ben and Jerry’s could pull off too.  Something along the lines like “Duck, Duck…Gooseberry Ice Cream” made with duck fat and gooseberries or maybe “Don’t touch my Gooseberry without kissing me first Ice Cream” that would just be Gooseberries and Vanilla bean, I’m guessing.  Though the ice cream became my favorite, for me it is even better to make the Gooseberry jam and while it’s still hot, pour it over a bowl of vanilla ice cream.   Heaven….just pure heaven.

Did you know?  There is actually a state park called “Gooseberry Falls”?  Did you know it is right here in the USA?  Minnesota to be exact.   Did you know Laverne and Shirley lived in Milwaukee?  Clearly, Minnesota is now on my list for a vacation spot.

There is also Gooseberry Intimates.  Who knew?!

Gooseberries are a good source of antioxidants and vitamins A and C.  I’m not going to go into the health benefits here.  That’s not what I’m here for and neither are you.  You’re here because you like to eat and laugh obviously.  If you wanted to know the health benefits of Gooseberries you wouldn’t come here looking for a Gooseberry jam recipe hoping I would say, “Hey, did you know if you cook sugar with enough Gooseberries it cancels out the sugar?”  Not going to happen.

You can also pick up sun dried Gooseberries, which also go by the name Goldenberries when they’ve been dried.  Gooseberry fresh, Goldenberry dried.  Two can play at your little game grapes!!  I haven’t tried these yet and I’m dying too.

I hope you do a little experimenting or opening your mind to the Gooseberry.  It really is a special fruit and I would love to see it on menu’s more often.  I like when a place does their own thing instead of following trends.

If there is a restaurant in New York that has Gooseberries on their menu, let me know.

“speak positive and think positive
because your wish
will be granted”

All the best to you and your loved ones,


Gooseberry Jam

350g               Gooseberries  (about 4 pints)
157g               Sugar
91g                 Water
1                     Vanilla Bean

-Remove the Gooseberries from their husk
-Place everything in a medium sized sauce pan
-Cook over a medium heat stirring occasionally
-Let the jam cook down until you see the mix begin to thicken
 about 10 minutes
-Remove from heat and pour into the container you wish to store it in and
 let it cool before placing a lid on it
-Keep in the fridge, use within two weeks


Gooseberry jam with Brie and pumpernickel. A nice change from the usual jams on cheese plates.


Gooseberry jam and vanilla ice cream. The jam while still warm over vanilla ice cream is a complete party pleaser.


The Gooseberry jam at the beginning. It will turn a beautiful golden orange color as it cooks.


The finished jam with it’s golden orange color. I get goosebumps just looking at it.