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Caracas Arepa Bar

I discovered arepa’s when I first moved to New York. I spotted them in the grocery store and of course they looked good and they had cheese. Cheese? Oh, you’re coming home with me.

I’ve been hooked ever since. I wasn’t sure of the traditional way of how to prepare them, so I put them directly on the fire and they got a nice char on them. This worked for me and I found them delicious. I highly recommend checking out an arepa if you happen to be in a Spanish restaurant and they are on the menu. They are not like what you will buy in the grocery store so you must experience them in a traditional way. Recently a very dear friend was in New York and she introduced me to Caracas Arepa Bar in the village. How I was unaware of this place I’ll never know.

Every time I have visited Caracas Arepa Bar since, it’s packed, no matter the time. For good reason too. It’s awesome! It’s a tiny little place that cranks out amazing food. I love this about New York and it always fascinated me. You visit these little tiny restaurants, with kitchens the size of a closet, you see two cooks in the back and they are turning tables and pumping out the most delicious food. And the cooks never look stressed. God I love this city!

Caracas Arepa Bar is decently priced and I’ve never had anything there I didn’t like. The Yoyo’s are a bit sweet as an appetizer so I would suggest them more as a dessert. You can’t go wrong with the Tostones though, order them just for yourself and then one for the table. Every arepa I’ve had came out delicious and fully stuffed with goodness. The wait staff is always cool and the place is just chill.

Next time you visit New York you should swing by Caracas Arepa Bar, grab a couple Pacificos, order a Tostones and order a couple arepas because it will be hard to choose just one. You won’t regret it, believe me.

Caracas Arepa Bar
93 1/2 E. 7th Street
New York, NY

“Collect moments, not things”


Leeks Jardinera – Grilled Leeks, sundried tomatoes, caramelized onions and guayanes cheese


Yoyos – sweet plantains with white cheese, fried in a cinnamon plantain batter


Tostones Mochimeros – fried green plantains with mojito mayo, a squeeze of lemon and white cheese


Los Muchachos – Grilled Chorizo, spicy white cheese with jalapenos and sauteed peppers

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