Ricotta Date Scones

Ricotta Date Scones

I think scones are going to be the new big thing.  Cupcakes are so 2000!  Scones are easier to carry and there’s no frosting to have to worry about getting all over your clothes.  Yes, there are crumbs but they are easy to brush off and they don’t stain like those cheap cupcakes you buy with the oily frosting.

Seriously, I am thinking about making scones the next big thing.  Think about, all it takes in the world is some no talent reality star to say your stuff is the new thing, how amazing it is and people will flock there.  If anyone reading this knows how to get a hold of a no talent reality star or you yourself reading this is a no talent reality star, please get a hold of me.  I’ll put your picture in the window of my bakery or maybe even give you a job scooping cookies or working the counter.  We can discuss this in the contract.   It will be an easy gig because my scones and pastries in general really are delicious and amazing so you won’t be lying.   When you taste these Ricotta Date Scones you really will be blown away, so your lack of talent and acting ability will not be an issue.  There’s so many good things that could come out of this for both of us.  Also, if you haven’t blown all your money on scratch off lottery tickets, possibly you could invest in the bakery and be a partner.  Let the phone calls and emails begin.

With that said, I’m looking at properties to open my bakery too.  There is a vacant place right around the corner from my apartment.  It works perfectly because it used to be a deli and has all the hook ups I need for ovens and windows to display my pastries and you can see me working.  That’s a big selling point I believe.  The fact that it’s right around the corner is the real reason I want it because I have a serious punctuality problem.   Also I won’t have far to walk when it’s a miserable winter’s day.

A side note:   I’m listening to the radio and there is a song with the chorus saying..” I only miss you when I’m breathing..”  I didn’t bother to get up to see who this was because obviously it’s not worth it.  What the hell happened to music?  Hit a drum beat button, loop it and say whatever you want and it’s a hit.  Thinking has become a waste of time.  Clearly.

I’m back…Keep your eyes here for some serious scone recipes because I have a whole notepad app on my phone full of them.  Periodically I remember that I have it and I shuffle through it and take a stab at some of the ideas.  This one is big, I mean HUGE hit with my fans.  Yes, I refer to my friends as my fans.  So I guess that means, you the reader, as a fan you’re my friend.  Awww….

“And we’re all, magic friends…”  Joyride by Roxette

Here’s the recipe that you’ve all been waiting for.

Ricotta Date Scones

266g               Ricotta Cheese
7g                   Baking Soda
563g               All Purpose Flour
202g               Sugar
11g                 Baking Powder
7g                   Salt
367g              Heavy Cream
226g              Butter
10g                Vanilla Extract
453g              Chopped Dates

-Measure everything, except the dates and cream, right in the same large mixing bowl
-With your hands, work everything together until the mix looks like a crumble
-Add your cream and chopped dates, mix with your hands until you get a smooth dough and everything is incorporated and there is no dry flour at the bottom of your bowl
-Turn your mix out onto a floured surface, pat the dough out to a 1 1/2 inch thickness
-Now you can cut your scones triangular, the traditional way or make your life easy and use a round cutter
-Brush a little heavy cream on your scones and sprinkle some sugar if you like, this is optional of course, some think the extra sugar on top is a little too much and I have to agree with this
-Bake your scones at 375 degrees for about 12-15 minutes
-Usually you can press your scones and they give a little but these with the ricotta are going to be soft and that’s OK
-Just bake until a nice golden brown color and you should be alright

These Ricotta Date Scones are another proud moment for me.  They are just heavenly and the beauty of these beauties, unlike most baked goods, is that these scones are almost better the next day.  So save a couple for the next morning with your coffee or tea.  I’m not a big drinker of tea in the morning, I like my tea at night before bed.  Apparently, I like to get up three times in the night to take a pee.  Who ever said you get wiser as you get older, lied!!

I’m off work tomorrow and it’s supposed to be nice, sunny and warm.  I’m working on bringing back Tourist Tuesday’s with G and finding new spots, food and random things around New York City with NEW chances to get involved with  I’m sure your bound to dig it so stay tuned.

“You’re not in competition with anyone,
so don’t feel as if you
must defeat another person or
compare yourself on any level.”

As usual I have no idea who said it.  Have a great week everyone or should I say Magic Friends..