Baileys and Pepsi Float

Bailey's and Pepsi Float

I have an unhealthy love affair with Pepsi. When I say unhealthy I
mean that I can’t get enough of it and that I’m going fall in love, get hurt
and break my heart unhealthy, not that it’s loaded with
sugar give me Diabetes, stop my heart and kill me unhealthy. There is a
difference and though I do know the unhealthiness will kill me, I
continue. But which unhealthiness am I talking about? Aha!!!

Baileys is another lover of mine but Pepsi is cool with it. They get along
great, better than great actually. This Pepsi and Baileys float
actually reminds me of the Milk and Pepsi that Laverne used to treat
herself to on Laverne and Shirley. If you’re not familiar with my
Laverne and Shirley fascination check out the Tres Leche I made in
Laverne’s honor that’s made with Pepsi as well. The Pepsi and Baileys
float is my absolute favorite because of my two lovers coming together
to please me. HA! The flavors are magic to me. I can’t wait for 90
degree weather and sitting on my back porch with this cooling float.

Another alternative to Pepsi and Baileys float. Did you know that there is now
a Cherry Baileys?? Well there is. I mean they make cherry Pepsi, so
hey a Cherry Baileys and Pepsi float? What a time to be alive! It too
is equally delicious in the Pepsi and Baileys float.

The Manhattan Coffee Soda Float is pretty much an Affogato I thought in
my head was really cool. When I took my first sip, my eyes lit up and
my taste buds went all crazy and I thought I had come up with a ground breaking
drink. When my Assistant Gilberto drank it, he thought it was amazing too
because, “It’s Baileys and coffee Gus, of course it’s going to be good.
What did you expect”? I laughed because he was right and I really had no argument
there. Oh which reminds me, I’m looking for another Assistant who doesn’t
talk back, so anyone in the New York area who would like to apply I’m taking
applications. I’m very passive aggressive, Gilberto might read this, he’ll get it.

What did we learn today? Just taking what you love and making it happen is
sometimes the most simple and most enjoyable treat. And finding a good
Assistant is hard to find nowadays.

Make it an amazing week everyone!


“See imperfections as perfect,
even if your ego-mind cannot
comprehend this”
-Wayne Dyer

Bailey's and Pepsi