Most people loved Friday’s at school because it was rectangle pizza day.  This did nothing for me.  I would grab the lunch menu for the month and give it a quick scan, BAM!  Weenie-Winks, third Wednesday of the month!  I was over joyous probably more than I should have been.  Make your jokes but when you’re a fatty-fatty-boom-boom anything that combines meat, cheese and rolled up in bread and baked.  Hold on….I need a moment….

I’m back…. it’s earth shattering to a fat kid.  I can’t explain it.  Perhaps it was the government cheese or the meat processed into logs.  I just don’t know, they had a spell on me to this very day.

One of my first jobs out of culinary school was at a country club in Nashville.  Right along side of me everyday worked the Sous Chef Chris.  Chris was a huge guy that was probably a linebacker in High School yet was the easiest going nicest guy I’ve probably met.   His hand would would wrap around my thigh like it was my wrist and he would dig his thumb into the back of my thigh to the point I thought it was going to rip through the other side.  It was a moment of pain and then a weird nerve sensation that would drop me to the floor like a sack of potatoes.  When I got up I couldn’t tell if I was hurt or wanted more.  It was weird.  Lot of interesting people work in kitchens.

Anyway, one morning when I came in Chris had all these pancakes laid out and was laying sausages out on the pancakes.  Not being a morning person I wasn’t really with it so I thought I saw Weenie-Winks in the process.  My eye’s lit up and I ran over to Chris and I blurted out, “Are those Weenie-Winks!!!!”   The kitchen fell silent, everyone stopped what they were doing and slowly walked towards me like a fight was about to begin.  Chris turns to me and stands up straight looking like a bear on it’s hind legs, me oblivious with a huge smile on my face.  Chris in his deep southern accent, “Boy, I do believe if you asked for a Weenie-Wink in the south….you’d get killed.”  Of course, I let out my obnoxious ear piercing laugh.  No one thought it was funny.  For the next thirty minutes the whole kitchen got into a huge fight/discussion to what a Weenie-Wink is or even existed.   Because apparently they were making pigs in a blanket, but to me pigs in a blanket is a cabbage roll.  To them, a cabbage roll is a cabbage roll.  Pigs in a blanket is sausage wrapped in a pancake.  Not to me.  Nope.  Sorry.

I’ve seen the Weenie-Winks done with Pillsbury croissant dough or puff pastry.  No, that’s just wrong.  You don’t get the same effect.  The crunchy edges with the soft bread interior.  The flavor is totally different with a croissant.  Maybe it’s the psychological aspect of the Weenie-Wink, which I highly doubt because who the hell wants to remember High School?

You may think that a Weenie-Wink is pretty much a fancy way of making a hot dog but no.  The Weenie-Wink has to be made with bread and the bread has to be buttered generously so you get a nice gold and crunch on the edges.  A Weenie-Wink should be meat and cheese in a crusty buttered bread.  I don’t believe a Weenie-Wink should be over done.  If you want to dip it in a sauce, put it on the side.  Fancy toppings and all that stuff, which I’m not opposed to, should be served on the side.  This is me.

I have a million ideas and this one just gave me an idea to open a Weenie-Wink restaurant or possibly a Weenie-Wink food truck.  Any backers??

Your purpose WILL find you



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