That’ll be all Oprah, that’ll be all.


When it was brought to my attention about an interview in which Oprah said “white people just need to die” I thought that was harsh and not anything at all that Oprah would say.  First off, Oprah did not say that white people need to die.  Stating this is just how gossip and straight up bullshit gets started.  She didn’t say it, it’s how you interpreted it.  Stop.

Oprah did say that old ways of thinking and being brought up back in the days and being “marinated” in the hatred and thinking, those people need to die.  Well, first off Oprah, no one needs to die.  Let’s agree on that.  These so called people that need to die will not solve anything because hate, greed and racial uncalled for thinking is alive and well and is even being taught today.

What needs to die is peoples feeling of hatred.  When are we going to realize that racism is just hurtful actions?  Period.  I can not tell you how many times I’ve been called white boy.  I sat at a bank in the Bronx while the Hispanic teller waited on all the other Hispanics, then it was my turn.  I attended a wedding where everyone thought I was a great guy until they found out I was gay, then they wanted nothing to do with me.  I don’t look at these as racial or discrimination issues.  I view them as  hateful issues.  If you want things to get better it starts with you.  What needs to die is your thinking.  You’re hateful and malicious mentality.  Saying that people need to die is a hateful statement Oprah, you know better.

Everyone wants to be accepted, loved and appreciated.  When the hell are we going to learn this?  Enough already!  Damn!  I’m sure we’ve all had moments in our lives that we were treated horribly.  We all know exactly how that made us feel, so why the hell would you treat someone like that?!  Grow up!  You know better.

The hate and anger just creates a hateful cycle.  Why don’t we create a love and happy cycle?   Listen, I know America’s been sold to the highest bidder and the worlds going down the crapper.  This is no reason to be angry and hateful towards one another.  So let’s just get along and hang out until we blow the Earth up.

The End.