Hidden Valley Ranch Biscuits

You know you love biscuits, don’t lie we’re all friends here. I love me some biscuits. Biscuits are those things you steal from the restaurant. That’s why Dad tells Mom to bring the big purse to dinner. You could be so full you’re about to pop and someone comes along and asks you if you want some biscuits and you know you do.

I think I told you guys about my gruesome part time job making scones? Well, making the scones got old real quick. I thought if I had to look at or smell one more scone I was going to die. The last thing to go into the oven for the nights was the ham and cheese biscuits. Oh man, I don’t even care for ham but it’s in a biscuit!! When those tasty bastards came out of the oven smelling all good with their gooey cheese. I would lean against the counter eating my warm ham and cheese biscuit, staring out into the distance and think that maybe this horrible job isn’t so horrible after all. Then I finished my biscuit came back to reality and realized I hated that job more than I hate Ryan Seacrest. The job actually wasn’t that bad but the people ruined it, just like people always do.

One lone cold night working at this sad part time gig I made a biscuit with pretty much everything that’s in the HVR Biscuit but not quite. I loved it so, that I just thought it needed a little tweaking and BAM! The HVR Biscuit was born and I never looked back. What I love about biscuits too is that you can do so much with them. Breakfast, lunch and dinner and if I want too, Brunch. Who doesn’t love brunch? Not loving brunch is not loving life. When you see someone stumbling down the street at three in the afternoon on a Monday you would think they were a dead end drunk loser. You see this behavior on Sunday and you approach them and ask them where they ate brunch, because it appears they had a good time.

The Hidden Valley Ranch Biscuit

1415g                     all purpose flour
27g                         baking powder
15g                         baking soda
17g                         salt
454g                       butter, melted
1qt                         buttermilk
105g                       heavy cream
92g                         Hidden Valley Ranch (HVR) powdered mix
163g                       sun dried tomatoes, chopped
80g                         scallions, chopped
113g                       cooked bacon, chopped

-combine all your dry ingredients, tomatoes, bacon and scallions
-add your buttermilk, cream and melted butter
-mix by hand until you get your uniform biscuit dough
-place onto a floured surface, pat flat and punch out your biscuits
-I usually pat my dough out to almost my knuckle thickness, this should give you about 2 dozen biscuits
-bake at 375 degrees for 10 to 12 minutes. They should have a nice even brown on top.

Tips for you…
*The 92g of HVR is close to 3 – 1oz packets to make your life easier.
*Chop the sun dried tomatoes well or it can be difficult to punch out.
*I use the whole scallion, not just the green part. The whole damn thing. Don’t waste!
*The bacon was about 12 strips.
*The recipe you need to follow. If you want to add or reduce the bacon and tomato or scallions by all means, go for it.

These biscuits just like all biscuits are best right out of the oven. When I made my eggs and biscuits for breakfast I placed the sliced biscuits in the frying pan to warm them up. It worked beautifully!

Happy week everybody…I’m off to Cancun tomorrow. Don’t be jealous.

***You can’t grow without pushing your limits****

Have a great week!!