Easy Chocolate Mousse

In one of my “Genius Gone Wrong” notebooks I have a scribble about making an easy chocolate mousse. People love chocolate mousse, it’s a classic that’s here to stay and it never goes out of style.

I got a text from my best friend Brandi back in Toledo and it brought the easy chocolate mousse idea to the front of the line. You can see in the text she wanted to make chocolate mousse for Jesus’ Birthday. Doesn’t mean I got the recipe to her in time but we’re best friends and she is well aware that I have perfected the art of procrastination. Myself, also knowing Brandi, she ain’t making this damn recipe anyway. I bet her sister Dawn will probably make it just to tell me it sucked although she finished the whole batch by herself. Love me some Dawn. Knowing Brandi she is planning a surprise for Jesus’ Birthday so I hope he doesn’t see this post.

You can also see that Brandi, like a lot of people, doesn’t want the recipe in grams. I understand. I see your point but you don’t want to see mine. A scale will save you on so much work and clean up but do you want to listen? Nooooo…. I know, I know….your Mom’s recipes and your cookbooks are all in cups and that’s all you know. Don’t be afraid of change. Embrace it. Grow. I can help. I love Brandi but also don’t want to buy her a scale, so I put this recipe in cups and boxes. Maybe one day I’ll have money and buy you all a scale.

This recipe is simple with an elegant pay off. You could easily whip this baby up and have a beautiful dessert for a party or just a Netflix night on the couch. I don’t judge, really. The texture of the mousse is pure silk. Strong chocolate flavor without being heavy or overly sweet. There are many possibilities with this recipe. Another one of my favorites I can travel with and whip up quickly at a friends house.

Here is my version of an Easy Chocolate Mousse you can make at home.
Easy Chocolate Mousse

1c whole milk
1packet powdered gelatin
1box instant chocolate pudding mix
3c cream, soft peak
1-100g dark chocolate candy bar
1-125g milk chocolate candy bar

-sprinkle your gelatin over the milk, set aside
-whip your cream to soft peak, this means when you whip it up it should be thick like a yogurt like consistency. Don’t whip the cream to stiff. Big no no. Set aside.
-melt together your chocolates. set aside.
-put your pudding mix in a large mixing bowl
Now every things ready…
-microwave your milk and gelatin mixture for one minute. Your gelatin should be melted and there will be no lumps in your milk. It may take a little longer depending on your microwave.
-Add the hot milk mix to the pudding mix and mix with a spatula until you get a smooth mix
-Then add your melted chocolate. Stir again until you get a smooth mix.
-Last, fold in your cream. Fold the cream in 3 stages.
-Pour in cups and place in the fridge for at least 2 hours or freeze in molds for a fancy plated dessert .

1. Like I always tell you. Use good chocolate. Lindt chocolate bars are great. They are the 100g and 125g that you need.
2. I used Jello pudding mix, the Devils food flavored one. You could of course use the regular chocolate flavor. You might even experiment and use butterscotch or vanilla.
3. Be sure to fold your cream in, in stages. If you dump all the cream directly into the chocolate mix you may end up with chocolate lumps. The cold cream going into the warm chocolate mix no good. They don’t get along well. Stages…stages..

Check out the mousse recipe and let me know what you think.

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You are unaware of the fact that
all these things are wasting your life.

I think I got that from an Osho book. Not sure.

Have a great week….Cancun’s a week away!! Excited.