Butterscotch Flan

I knew I was old when I started getting an epiphany for butterscotch. Yeah sure I’ve always liked butterscotch but I’m at the age where if I see it on a menu I have to order it. When people are talking about food, they don’t even have to be people I know, I have to chime in about butterscotch.
“Hey, you know what’s good? Butterscotch!”
“Shut up old man, all old people like butterscotch!!!”
Then I’ll just slide down in my chair and wonder why someone wouldn’t want to know about butterscotch. Damn kids!!

Please excuse me while I get a Werther’s Original out of my pocket.

I was making Flan on a daily basis for over a week trying to get this recipe on point. Accomplished. You know when you work and work at getting something right and when you’re about to give up and finally you finally have a break through. That’s this Flan. I have never been so proud of myself, except for that time I got the lead part in that play down in Amelia Island. I wasn’t good but hey, I’m not turning down a lead part. Suckers! So here is my Butterscotch Flan recipe that I’m sure you’re going to absolutely fall in love with. My assistant Gilberto loves it and says it’s better than anything he’s ever had in Mexico. He didn’t say that exactly but I could tell he was thinking it.

Speaking of Mexico, I’ll be in Cancun March 5 for 5 days so if you live there or know anyone there let me know. Maybe we can hang out or you can recommend places for me to go and eat. Perhaps find great flan or my favorite, Tres Leche’s.

This Flan (capital F because it deserves it, it’s that good) will not disappoint, I promise. It’s not icky sweet with a beautiful caramel buttery flavor and the texture is just….damn! Trust me. This is a menu item. It has to be in the sun…it’s The Flans day to shine ladies and gentlemen.
Butterscotch Flan

158g Werther’s soft caramels (5.5oz bag)
470g Heavy Cream (1 Pint)
117g Condensed Milk
3 Eggs
11g Scotch (1Tbsp)
2g vanilla (1/2tsp)

132g Sugar
37g water

For the caramelized sugar

-have your 6 – 8oz ramekins on a flat sheet pan ready. Place about a 1/2tsp of water in each ramekin.
-place the sugar in a small pot and add water, wetting the sugar
-place on high with a stainless steal bowl covering the pot
-once the sugar mix starts to boil, remove the bowl
-let the sugar boil without disturbing it
-once you see the sugar taking on a brown color or getting dark around the edges it’s OK to swirl the pot to evenly distribute the cooking. Please God be safe doing this. Sugar burns hurt like no other, trust me.
-once the sugar is a nice even golden brown pour evenly into the ramekins. Because of the water the sugar mix will spit a bit, so be careful. Set aside and make the flan mix.

Making the Flan

-in a medium sized pot add your cream and soft caramels
-cook over medium heat stirring occasionally until all the caramels have melted
-in a mixing bowl add the rest of your ingredients and combine with a spoon
-once all the caramels have melted sloooooowly add this mix to your egg and booze mixture
-add your Flan mix to your ramekins
-bake in a 225 degree oven for about 1 hour and 10 minutes
-let chill in the refrigerator for about 4 hours, run a knife around the edges and flip out onto a plate….be prepared to fall in love.

Things I’ve learned…..

1. When mixing the Flan use a spoon. Do not use a whisk or fork or anything that will incorporate air. If you get air into your mix you get a foam on the surface of your Flan and it’s not very appealing. Also, most importantly you will have a funky texture to your Flan. You want it to be smooth and lovely all the way through.

2. Use a good Scotch. I used Dewar’s. You want something sweet and smooth that’s going to give it good flavor and compliment the Werther’s buttery caramel flavor. Be careful of a Scotch that has any fancy notes of smoke or woody like flavors. Then you can say bye bye tasty flan. The smoke or wood flavors are too strong for the subtle flavors of the Flan. That’s “The Flan”.

I really hope you make this recipe and hope even more that report back to me that you did. Would love to hear your thoughts. Unless their negative…not sure if I could handle them. Kidding. Bring on the comments.

Have an awesome weekend everybody!!!



-Per Gessle

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