A Red Velvet kinda day

I’ve made fun of you red velvet eating ninnies long enough and like it has always been said, “if you can’t beat em? Join em!!”

I decided to make it a red velvet kinda day. I mean Valentine’s Day is right around the corner anyway and with everyone jumping on the red velvet band wagon I figured this was my chance to cash in as well. Except I won’t receive any cash, just nasty emails from red velvet lover’s that have nothing else better to do than eat red velvet everything and write nasty emails. Just for a day I decided to give in and enjoy red velvet and see what all they hype is about.

For breakfast I made Red Velvet Scrambled Eggs and toast with red velvet butter. Eat your heart’s out ladies!! This breakfast was to die for. All those fluffy red velvet scrambled eggs. OMG! Seriously it was heaven on a plate. The toast with satiny red velvet butter. Uh-mazing! This is how everyone should start their day. No one would be in a bad mood if they had a red velvet breakfast. Green eggs and ham was just stupid but call it red velvet and you can take my money. Yes you can.

Lunch I wanted to keep light because I don’t want to get fat again. At least not until I retire or find someone who loves me and wants to spend the rest of their life with me. For now it’s salads and water. Am I right ladies? So when I came across the internet for this Red Velvet Caesar Salad you have no idea how excited I was. Just when you thought Caesar Salad couldn’t get any better.

Dinner was Red Velvet Chicken Alfredo. I’m a big lover of pasta. When I was at my fattest I would kill a whole box of pasta and a jar of Alfredo sauce. Then I learned how to make Alfredo sauce and I went beyond what I thought was my fattest. The Red Velvet Chicken Alfredo reminded me just how delicious Alfredo sauce is and started me thinking. Why isn’t Alfredo sauce on more things?! It’s delicious!! This smart ass red velvet post may have backfired and opened up the door for me to relapse. Shit.

I give red velvet eaters a hard time, I know. It’s all in fun of course, I really could care less what you eat. I love box macaroni and cheese with it’s electric orange color. Honestly, these days what doesn’t have color in it or some kinda of preservative that’s slowly killing us all. It was kind of a cool experiment, did you see how red those eggs turned? I wasn’t quite expecting that myself.

Have a little fun in life!

Next week….Double fudge brownie cookies. Cookies make everything better.

Take care,

“Eye’s don’t create anything –
they simply inform you what is there.
Creating one’s own reality is called imagination –
that is the faculty of dreaming.”