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Professionally Unprofessional

Control what you can

I’ve gotten so used to people just being lazy and not wanting to do anything more than just collect a paycheck. You showed up for work, put on your name tag or changed into your uniform. There! What more could I possibly want from you?! You’re busy following someone on Instagram whom you’ll probably never meet but the fact they have a life and you don’t fascinates you. I get it. I know customer service is a thing of the past. I don’t expect you to do anything for me, go above and beyond. You don’t even have to say “Thank You” it’s on the bottom of the receipt. When, I ask, did just being a decent person become a thing of the past?


This is why I ask.


I had a part time job on the weekends. A lousy over night shift Saturday and Sunday. I never saw a manager and I had no coworker. It was all me with a radio, mixing bowl and an oven. I gave them a full months notice that I would like to terminate my employment. Cool, no problem, let us know if you know anyone who would be interested in the position. I asked around, no one wanted it, I text the manager and told him this. All is good. When I needed my last paycheck, I text the manager to ask when was a good time to pick up my last paycheck. No response. I text a different manager and ask when would be a good time to pick up my last paycheck. No response. Finally, I went into the restaurant around 3pm when business would be slow. The girl behind the counter was socially awkward and just looked at me a couple times until I initiated a “Hello”. You know, because she probably thought I just randomly show up at restaurants without wanting anything. I asked if the manager, we’ll call him Socially Awkward Manager, was available. She grabs the phone and turns against the wall the hostess stand and keeps looking over her shoulder at me when I hear, “I don’t know, but he asked for you by name.” Right there I thought, “Is this guy shady? Are there other people coming in here looking for him?” The manager, maybe seeing me from a distance decides I’m as harmless as they come, walks over to greet me. I introduce myself and shake his hand and let him know I was there for my last paycheck. “Oh yeah yeah, I’ll go get it.” Socially Awkward Manager replies.


I waited what seemed like forever. I see Socially Awkward Manager walking around the back of the restaurant leisurely. He kept glancing at me and then would just walk around again. Maybe he’s trying to find it or he’s got a bunch of other stuff going on, I think to myself. If he had looked at me in surprise like “Oh, I totally forgot.” I would have understood. Nothing. Waiting longer and longer. Then he goes behind the bar and starts making drinks. “What the hell?” I’m thinking. A dishwasher I used to pass in the night on his way out came up to me, shook my hand and wished me luck and we chatted a bit. Still waiting, when I notice one of the bartenders opens a frosted glass window and is just staring at me and motioning with his head towards me. “Man, these people are odd.” Is all I can think as I start to get pissed off. When finally a server comes over and hands me my paycheck “Here ya go!”.
I smile and nod, “Thanks a lot man!” I head out the door.


The kicker is they shorted me on my paycheck. I so badly don’t want to have to deal with their incompetence that I don’t care. This joint was definitely Professional at being Unprofessional.


Why can’t you just be a decent person? Not even a decent person but at least professional and respectful. I asked around to all my friends to spread the word to work for you. I’m glad no one did because I would have felt bad like a lousy friend for recommending them to work for such unprofessional people. Even if you hate someones guts for whatever reason, show some decency and humanity. Speaking of humanity, they used to spray a chemical at night before they left to kill roaches. The scent was so toxic that I left after two hours of work one night with a migraine and completely sick to my stomach. They informed me that it was organic and completely safe. My response, “Really? Then spray it during the day.” Their response, “Oh no, we couldn’t do that!!” Organic huh? Perfectly safe? No odor? Sure. The guy that trained me told me that he had been asking them for years to not spray at night that it was making him sick. They probably went right back to spraying after I left. That poor bastard Davey. Such a shame. I thought he was joking when he said he’d be dead in ten years. If they keep spraying that chemical, I don’t even give him ten.


“You know what the problem is? People.” – Seinfeld


I got the quote off someone I follow on Instagram…Sorry I don’t remember who you are.  If you recognize it please let me know.