Champagne Cocktail for New Years!!

IMG_9585_2When I first set out on my adventure of food and writing for this blog one of my first posts was a Bubble Banana Shake made with Prosecco. I made it for New
Years and it was pretty damn delicious. I sat solo on the couch with my fancy champagne glass full of “Bubbly Banana Shake” wondering why people actually go to Times Square. Never
understood it as a kid and definitely don’t understand it now that I’m old…
I’m not old!

I have an arsenal of champagne (or sparkling wine if you want to be a dick about it)
in my refrigerator thanks to my assistant Gilberto. Gilberto is in love with champagne
and hoarding. Hence the arsenal of champagne in the fridge. Gilberto is the first
Mexican I have ever met that dresses head to toe in Armani, drinks champagne and
insists on the finer things in life. I myself live on Corona, content in a tshirt
and jeans, chill and I’m never in a rush. So I decided to return to
tradition or at least make it a tradition for Gilberto and come up with a champagne
cocktail for New Years.

IMG_9564I went researching for cocktail ideas with champagne when I came across the site of
my arch nemesis Martha Stewart. When I was looking at her champagne cocktails the
first thing that came across my mind, which is always the first thing that comes across
my mind when I think of Martha is, “That. Bitch.” Her champagne cocktails were the
best ones that I had seen. I wanted to drink everyone one of them. The pictures
were beautiful, really cool glasses and the flavors sounded magical. In my mind I
could taste them and they were delicious. Just who the hell does she think she is
anyway? I mean seriously. Martha stop….just stop.

Here’s my New Years Better than Martha’s Eve Champagne Cocktail.
I call it “Silently Getting Hammered” because you will be hammered by the time you
realize it and then it’s too late.
Ginger Sryup

100g water
100g sugar
30g chopped and peeled ginger

-bring to a boil, strain and cool

For the delicious little cocktail…

1 1/2Tbsp Jack Daniels Honey Whiskey
1 Tbsp ginger syrup
Topped off with Champagne or Prosecco or Sparkling wine for you
politically correct annoying people

I love honey, it’s consistency, it’s flavor of course and it’s just sexy. Yet I think
it should be used wisely because it can be very overpowering. The Honey Whiskey has
a great balance without being overly sweet or just a strong honey flavor. You do want
to choose a champagne that is more dry and less sweet for the ginger syrup and Honey
Whiskey are going to give it the sweetness that you need and want from a classy
cocktail. Overly sweet ruins cocktails.

Enjoy and have lot’s of fun and please, please for the love of God,
do not drink and drive, not on New Years, not ever.
Wishing you and your loved ones much love and health for 2015!

“The world is changed by example, not opinion”

No idea who wrote that but it’s genius.



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